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This declassified film details attacks by the USAF in North Vietnam and Laos in 1966. Some of the attacks include F-4s and F-105s, some flying out of Korat Air Base. Includes rare footage of a North Vietnamese MiGs being shot down by cannon fire. Seventeen MiGs were shot down in 1966, including a MiG-21 shot down by a sidewinder missile.

At the beginning of 1966, the number of U.S. military personnel in South Vietnam totaled 184,314. South Vietnamese military forces totaled 514,000 including the army (ARVN) and the Regional Force and Popular Force (the “Ruff-Puffs”) militias. The North Vietnamese Army (PAVN) numbered 400,000, most still in North Vietnam. 50,000 North Vietnamese cadre and soldiers infiltrated South Vietnam during 1965. Group 559, charged with transporting supplies down the Ho Chi Minh Trail to supply communist troops in both South Vietnam and Laos, numbered 24,400 personnel.

The U.S. estimated the number of Viet Cong (VC) and PAVN soldiers in South Vietnam at nearly 280,000 by June 1966, including part-time guerrillas. A bombing pause of North Vietnam had been announced by President Johnson on December 24 and was in effect.

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  1. doorgunnerAmerical says:

    The war in Vietnam was lost because Americans grew tired of it and Congress was worried about being re-elected. Don't forget it was the only televised war we ever fought. The North Vietnamese defeated the South Vietnamese Army, who were left with no support whereas North Vietnam had Russia and China supplying them with war materials. South Vietnam was only able to buy 10 million dollars of war goods before falling. Congress cut off supplies in violation of the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 when we agree to go back and help South Vietnam if they were attacked again. Do some reading before making ignorant comments about the US armed forces being defeated completely in the Vietnam War. BTW, Vietnamese Communists bankrupted their own country and it took capitalism to save it with the help of foreign investments.

  2. MrScootmcg says:

    Repeatedly bombing empty (and easily repaired) road junctions and bridges while the airfields, SAM sites and Hai Phong docks were all off limits.
    You won't find a better example of how not to win a war.

  3. Minh Nguyen says:

    Fantastico …. with love and respect from Vietnam. Allahu akhbar.

  4. dark knight batman says:

    Long live vietnam

  5. SaiGon PitBull.WRX23 says:

    should've nuked north vn

  6. Marcos Costa says:

    One thing that I take from this video : the f 105 sure was a work horse for the US air force

  7. 3/4 MARINES , LIMA CO , 66-68 DMZ,,,,,,,,,BADMOJO

  8. Homayoon Tavana says:

    WW 2 tactics, some modifications were needed in a new theater

  9. bitterchild says:

    That was a lot of beautiful kills there… Think of the guys on the ground that did the Recon and was there to see it

  10. huu-ban vu says:

    "We are killing! We are bombing! But we are losing!" – "We are winning all battles! But we are losing the war!" – "Our footprints are millions of bomb craters there. But I want to leave schools, hospitals…" LBJ "on the Path of War"

  11. LEGIONARIO1970 says:

    All those bombings and all those Vietnamese civilians and soldiers casualties didn't work because they didn't cause any impact on the North Vietnamese army and Vietcong guerrillas morale for 8 long years, quite the opposite, they made them fight even with more determination until the U.S. just had to quit.
    The U.S. made a huge miscalculation in Vietnam.

  12. Long Phan says:

    Good vietcong is dead vietcong

  13. This video is fake  Real US has none Air Force .

  14. BooYa TRIBE says:

    Turn Turn Turn – The Byrds🎺🎺🎺

  15. dopamining says:

    Destroying bridges and dams in a developing country, agricultural economy. Uncountable collateral human casualties.
    I`m glad the US was so utterly defeated in this insane, illegal war.

  16. Nonov Yerbusiness says:

    I read somewhere that Prez Johnson personally had to approve targets, so as not to make NVN mad, or some damn shit.

  17. andy hunter says:

    its called route denial cut supply routes

  18. James Morrison says:

    No wonder they lost, there were no bombings on troops or tanks WTF…?

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