Tunisian Victory Film Reel #3 | WW2 Historical HD Footage

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Invasion of French North Africa. Invasion scenes of Major-General Patton’s Western Task Force at Casablanca in Operation Torch on November 8, 1942 consisted of the U.S. 2nd Armored Division, the U.S. 3rd and 9th Infantry Divisions. Excellent scene of LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) or Higgins Boat headed for beachhead, CU two soldiers in Higgins Boat. Various scenes of landing crafts (LCVP) underway. Short sequence of scenes of the Naval Battle of Casablanca, a series of naval engagements between American war ships and the Vichy French shore batteries, heavy guns of the Vichy French battleship Jean Bart, and other Vichy French war ships in the harbor at Casablanca. Shows Vichy French loading a shell in a naval gun and guns of Vichy French ships firing on American ships and invasion forces. Gunnery from American ships and bombs from American planes silenced the Vichy French guns.

Invasion footage as soldiers shown “hitting the beach” from LCVP landing crafts or Higgins Boats and fighting to secure a beachhead at Casablanca against Vichy French opposition. Shows U.S. troops fighting in the streets of Casablanca. Shows members of the German Armament Commission in Casablanca leaving under U.S. guard as people on the street cheered.

Images of General Kenneth Anderson, Commander of the British 1st Army, French General Henri Giraud, Commander of French Land Forces, and U.S. General Eisenhower at military parade n Oran, Algeria.

Animated map and German film shows German troops being rushed across the Mediterranean from Sicily and Sardinia Italy by ship and by air into Tunis and Bizert, Tunisia. The American, British, and French forces quickly started to move toward Tunisia from Algiers, Algeria. Shows American tanks, artillery and infantry moving by road, French forces with mules for mountain transport moved by rail, and British and American airborne by plane to capture suitable ground for forward airfields. Shows the British 36th Infantry brigade disembarking from ship at Bougie, Algeria on November 11, 1942. Show forward Allied airfield near Bone, Algeria under bombing and strafing attack by German Luftwaffe planes. CU of anti-aircraft gun crew firing at German planes. Shows German troops arriving at a port in Tunisia and disembarking from a ship. Shows German General Albert Kesselring arriving in Tunisia.

Allied forces cross into Tunisia. Allied infantry soldiers in battle with German soldiers, CU of German machine gun crew firing at Allied forces. U.S. Infantry soldiers firing rifles at enemy targets. British troops advancing, CU of German machine gun being fired. British soldier throws hand grenade. By November 22, 1942: The Allied forces had advanced to Beja, Tunisia. Shows forces under command of French General Barre in Tunisia fighting the Germans at Majaz al Bab (Medjez el Bab). Shows tanks and troops of the British General Anderson racing to support General Barre at Medjez el Bab.

November 25, 1942: Scenes of the first major tank battle. Allied forces destroyed 15-German tanks and the rest withdrew.

Animated map shows the advance of the Allied forces toward the Tunisia coastal cities of Tunis and Bizerte. Allied troops reached the hills overlooking Tunis, but were forced to withdraw under ferocious attack from German tank and artillery fire and air attacks by the German Luftwaffe without Allied air cover. Taking heavy casualties the Allied forces were forced to fall back to the protection of the hills.