Torpedo bombers / War Thunder

Torpedo bombers. Just a while ago they were more of a distraction. It was no use flying them in Mixed Battles, and when it came to Air Only… Let’s set this straight: torpedoes are much more finicky to use than bombs. You have to be at a right altitude, right speed and right angle while also becoming a perfect target. Yeah, all of us tried our hand at using torpedoes to sink AI-controlled ships that move in a straight line — but sooner or later we got back to our reliable, trusty bombs. But that was then. With Naval Battles open and available to everyone, a torpedo bomber isn’t just as good as any other aircraft. It is every ship’s worst nightmare.



24 thoughts on “Torpedo bombers / War Thunder

  1. why can't i drop torpedo bombs in the game ???

  2. Gabriel Bertolini Wissenbach says:

    Reject torpedoes, accept fritz x

  3. taco magic says:

    someone pls help me, i cant reload in realistic battles. how do i reload? in normal battles i just press r. pls help

  4. Felix Hall says:

    More satisfying than bombs because idiot players never guess that people use torpedo bombers

  5. I wish they add torpedos on the dorniers. That plane in my opinion looks cool for design

  6. well how low… and slow do i have to be going

  7. Darkangel_Lexi says:

    Are you going to be able to add an aiming scope thing from the air

  8. ShitHappens 68 says:

    Tbh torpedo bombing is too hard. Just use the f82 and the 2 2,000lb bombs it gives you. Dodge the AA and if u get a good run u can sink a BB

  9. I put subtitles on and when he sayed the plane after the hell diver it sayed who you say lol.

  10. Catherine Rich says:

    “That’s how it was irl” narrator 2018

  11. Quis Ut Deus says:

    This is a very annoying battle pass task.

  12. keithu gaming says:

    Torpedo bombing is ez im just starting out on japans rank and i have a torpedo bomber which carries 6 torpedo's and ground army or naval troops are near i use all 6 torpedos and hit and destroy all units i aimed at. TORPEDO BOMBERS OP PLS NERF

  13. Test Area Devlog says:

    i watched this thinking it was a weird meme, anyway thanks?

  14. Miguel Magallon says:

    On the ps4 what button drops it

  15. Fabrício Melo says:


  16. Coldasicetea says:

    I usually bomb my target as a regular bomb

  17. Ciufongi i Kucyki says:

    I get close to the ship, drop the torpedo and fly away verticaly

  18. mostly aviation says:


  19. Funkstaedter1992 says:

    The clou in this game, is to ,,coordinate your attack with your teammates".
    Biggest Joke that i ever heart!

  20. cannot drop bombs on ground (water)

  21. Frost Dragon_YT55 says:

    Him:you need to be at the right altitude me:"roblox naval warfare laugh"

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