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Ethiopian government forces have launched new air strikes on the capital of the Tigray region. The government says it targeted a former military center on Thursday, marking the third day of strikes this week. On Wednesday, over a dozen people were killed when the Ethiopian military attacked an industrial compound in Mekele. An airstrike on Monday killed at least three children and wounded several others.

Thousands of people have been killed in the year-long conflict, that pits the Ethiopian government against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. The Tigray fighters have recaptured much of Tigray and expanded the fighting into the neighbouring regions of Amhara and Afar. Hundreds of thousands are now displaced in those regions too, widening the humanitarian crisis.
The UN repeated its pleas for a ceasefire.

Some six million people are caught in the middle of the fighting in Tigray. The region has been largely cut off by Ethiopia’s government, meaning that very little food aid is getting through. The first starvation deaths have been reported in recent days – and it’s feared the number will continue to rise.
00:00 Ethiopian military steps up airstrikes on Tigray
00:37 UN repeats pleas for ceasefire, Stéphane Dujarric (UN)
01:09 First starvation deaths in Tigray
01:28 DW Report by Cynthia Cave
02:55 Is Ethiopia’s civil war entering a new phase?

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