Tiger II "Königstiger" WW2 Footage.

Tiger II “KönigsTiger” WW2 Footage.

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Cloister of Redemption by Jens Kiilstofte
Dystopia by Per Kiilstofte
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The Land of the Wizard by Per Kiilstofte (Machinimasound) |

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33 thoughts on “Tiger II "Königstiger" WW2 Footage.

  1. 武蔵宮本 says:

    Got to love and admire German engineering and Military equipment!
    Wonder how things may have been if Japanese had tanks that could match the German Tigers and not tanks that would burst into flames just by looking at them 🤔

  2. Farrie Bever says:

    I don't need a watermark and annoying dramatic copy right free music when i want to see original footage

  3. Thomas Price says:

    I’m no Nazi, but you gotta admit, Richard Freiherr Von Rosen looks pretty bad ass sticking out of the turret of a King Tiger, inspecting his battalion of King Tigers.

  4. I was getting crushed by a Tiger II in my dream then i opened this video

  5. Boe jiden says:

    Wonder how many tigers in the first clip broke down for that

  6. The Tiger with the gun for shooting around corners is the 2nd porotype, which is now in The Tank Museum, Bovington, England. It's a soft armour tank, without the armour of a production vehicle. Both types of turrets were build by Krupp. It may have been German engineering but lets not forget it was build by slave labour!

  7. Lydia Kirste geb. Brödel says:

    Ich mag den Tiger und den Königstiger sehr aber leider war er sehr Benzin durstig .

  8. Dookie Master says:

    i love it when people say tiger 2 sucks in world of tanks, then i bounce well over 2k damage in it and kill multiple russian tier 9 heavies.

  9. Elling Weme says:

    Does anybody have the name for the first song after the Panzerlied?

  10. ソビエトちゃん says:

    For the first time I saw a moving image of the King Tiger of the Porsche turret

  11. Morten 85 says:

    Imagine beeing a russian t-34 tank driver and you allready now its impossible to penetrate your enemy frontal. Much respect from a german guy to how brave this russians were

  12. Trabant P601 - TheCarDemotic says:

    Even just seeing one Tiger II nowadays is impressive.

    But it would have been an insane sight to see all of those ones in the same spot back then.

  13. imagine if these things had working transmissions/engines and made it to the front lines before the allies broke into germany. It'd be a very different history thats for sure.

  14. ZekGT Gaming says:

    Retards be like : The M4 Sherman was the best tank in WWI, it can 1 hit a Tiger, it was perfect

  15. barfuss2007 says:

    only 492 units Tiger II were build, futhermore there was a fuel supply problem. Most of the Tigers II had been destroyed by airplane or from their own crew, missing fuel. Angainst more than 100.000 (!) build Shermans and T34s there was no ability to win.

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