This Marine Videographer Went Rogue To Show the Brutal Reality of War

Miles Lagoze was a videographer for the Marines in Afghanistan, shooting images that adhered to official government messaging. But during his deployment he kept shooting; Compiling footage that undermined what was being said by U.S. officials and putting it into a new documentary called Combat Obscura.

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Since World War II, the U.S. military has been sending teams of soldiers onto the battlefield with film and photography gear to document the action. These so-called Combat Camera teams often capture the only depictions of major military operations, and their work helps shape public perceptions.

They’ve been called propagandists, guilty of sanitizing the realities on the ground. In 2003, for example, when army soldier Jessica Lynch was captured by Iraqi forces, it was a Combat Camera team that captured her rescue by U.S. Special Operations. The Pentagon was later accused of dramatizing details of the rescue to lift waning public support for the war.

In 2008, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate named Miles Lagoze signed up for the Marines and became a Combat Camera videographer for his unit in Afghanistan. After his deployment in 2011, Lagoze went rogue, capturing footage that undermined official messaging, including scenes of Marines smoking hash and joking about death.

After discharging from the Marines, Lagoze compiled that footage into Combat Obscura, a new feature-length documentary that aims to show the real story of what’s happening on the ground in Afghanistan.

Interview by Nick Gillespie. Shot by Jim Epstein. Edited by Paul Detrick.

31 thoughts on “This Marine Videographer Went Rogue To Show the Brutal Reality of War

  1. God this guys seems fucking annoying… no wonder he got a camera instead of a rifle

  2. The 2nd To Last Of The Albino Mexheecans says:

    Dude. Just watching his self-adulating “interview” is all the evidence I need, that he’s definitely the annoying spoiled kid everyone hates and they all secretly clean the toilets with his toothbrush…

  3. Semper Skeptical says:

    This asshole is selling out his brotherhood to make a few dollars. If you wanted to make this movie then you could have simply been a regular reporter. Instead of throwing your fellow marines and unit under the bus for your own fame and monetary gain.

  4. Semper Skeptical says:

    This is one guy in one small company with one perspective and one group of leaders in a vast sea of military in Afghanistan. Id imagine the green berets have a much different perspective of the war than he does.

  5. Semper Skeptical says:

    Marines joking about death. Oh my! Whod have ever thought theyd do such an awful thing lol. Jesus

  6. Roger Simpson says:

    As a Marine i can assure you this POS was never a real Marine. He was NOT a Marine. From what i see he is and was a selfish TRAITOR! He wants to dramatise his treason as something to make him famous He is insulting all who gave their lives for our country ! " FAMOUS TRAITOR "

  7. Damion Magee says:

    So the military dehumanizes the soldiers for "combat" than the video "re- humanizes" them after they see the aftermath they left behind 🤔🤔

  8. If you remember World War 2; the U.S.A. cleaned off the pacific. There were some commonwealth troops as well. It took a few years right? Vietnam, all the middle east conflicts to date. 10 years, 14 years etc. Crappy politics don't you think? Total disregard for grieving families out of stupidity. Trump, you go on patrol with one of your soldiers for a year…then and only then can you and those like you decide to send your youth to thier deaths.
    Russ (former Soldier).

  9. Absolute Best Potato of Them All says:

    I still support the war.

  10. onenoc Two says:

    Nothing said a thousand others haven't before. He has this POV in the war 2x the length of Vietnam with only 10% of the dead. To be taken with a grain of salt.

  11. REAl REAction says:

    I’ve never met a combat camera Marine that I didn’t like. Maybe because I felt like I could be real with them.

  12. Rachel Noh Official says:

    Recent social media does NOT cover the still ongoing wars and the reality outside of the U.S.

  13. Yeah of you dont have to confirm your age this video ain't shit

  14. Cody Ratliff says:

    It’s idiotic to say that nothing should be classified so that the general public can know everything going on. There is a reason it’s called special operations, it’s because what we do is operate with a special interest. My guys along with the rest of the SOF community are some of the most capable, driven, and intelligent individuals in the world. I assure you the guy laying tile 10 hours a day or the woman that is a 3rd grade school teacher has no legit need to know the name of the HVT we just apprehended on a direct action raid we carried out in Mosul, or the timeline of the counter insurgents operation to push isis-k fighters out of their stronghold in the Mohmand valley Afghanistan or the name of a local asset to a 12 man ODA operating in sangin. It has more risk than benfit. That is why some things are classified.

  15. Steve Ryder says:

    War is war keep the pathetic, loser left out and away from or hero soldiers.

  16. Lawfuldanub says:

    0:55 that boy kicked the ball so hard the soldier got injured

  17. Steve LaPeters says:

    Really, Gillespie? You decided to use as your opener to this piece, this line – “failure of American exceptionalism abroad”? I know that’s what they teach you in your liberal college indoctrination and so-called journalism school and it’s what you and your America-hating ilk like to write about. I know also, as did anyone that heard this and wanted to just move on to something else that you chose those words as a gratuitous way to smugly throw YOUR OPINIONS into something that really had nothing to do with YOU. You’re also asking a low ranking enlisted man his opinions on the matter when the reality is, he has no clue how decisions are made at the geo-political level. His job was to literally point and shoot, and say ‘yes sir’ for good measure. Although I believe his footage deserves to be seen, it doesn’t deserve your forced commentary on something he, nor you (nor any of us without a security clearance for that matter) would have even a clue about in so far as how these decisions are made from above. So in summary, you’re not as smart as you think you are. Oh yeah almost forgot, here’s my response to your thinly-veiled attempt at trying to insult our country in a way that you thought would go unnoticed:🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼.

  18. uglydog311 says:

    Because it's much better to just ignore the problem for 30 years and be surprised when those animals murder 3,000 Americans IN AMERICA .

  19. This guy never saw Restrepo

  20. Rivet Gardener says:

    I spent 6 years, two infantry combat tours in the paratroopers- 82nd airborne. I hated the army by the time I got out. This guy''s video is beyond what hatred a can develop. He has a program, an issue and an agenda against the military as well as the conservative lifestyle. Hey marine! Get with the program, you understand what that MEANS? I don't care about your political turn, stop whining. Yeah the military is a crazy game, you should have understood The Program by now.

  21. kabeauregardajax says:

    As long as we can make a few bucks of it… Well, OK then.

  22. gabriel PLAYS says:

    I came here because i had my scariest dream… my dream was that i was drafted, people were dying all around me and then i got bombed… it was so real… i woke up, and i was very scared.

  23. Houssam Nekkaa says:

    People are missing the point of this documentary
    Americans have an ideal image of soldiers like they are saints who can do no wrong

  24. Willem van lent says:

    We actually need more TRUE GRAPHIC FOOTAGE!!! How else are we bijna educate our children to stay away as far as posible from the puppet armed forces and other puppet police gangs like lawenforcement ( whom's laws anyway?!? ), and finally put an end to the elite so called upperclass psychopathic parasitic authority's SHIT MADNESS over and over again!!! PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THE MUTILATED TERIBLE WOUNDED IN THE FIELD!!!

  25. Dmitry Bahrt says:

    Wipe out the human race , we don’t deserve life

  26. Michael Westbrook says:

    How do you guys feel about what he said about mandatory service? Let me know down below, let’s discuss

  27. 09:15 honestly I never truly have said thank you for your service to military member because they are not fighting for me , protecting me or the nation they are fighting for government interests and agenda , they are not fighting for freedom is about power and control ,, I do have much respect for combat veterans that have been injured in battle and the mental problems they fight every day

  28. Hafiz Ameti says:

    Just think for a moment… you go 5000 km from your home to another country to pull the trigger, to drop tons of bombs and rockets, killing who knows how much civilians, traumatizing God knows how much children and yet you are the "hero" not the terrorist. Seriously this is mind blowing.

    The US army in 50 years has made so chaos in this planet, every 10-15 years new invasions and wars with pathetic causes, like the invasion of Iraq for example: " the iraqi state has that hidden nuclear weapon we have to destroy" which was never found obviously.

    Us citizens much of them can't pay their taxes and end up homeles, but theyre "hero" country investing 600+ bilion $ a year for the army and weapons. Wow!!! Tell me this isn't the biggest joke you ever heard.

  29. fan oftheclassics says:

    Hash is from weed, relax.

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