The Yamato – Largest battleship in History (Behemoth)

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Created by Daniel Turner

Script: Dejan Milivojevic
Edit: Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner
Filip Tacic


Chris Kane

Music Credit

Failing Defense by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Epic Battle Speech – Wayne Jones

Bus Da Blockbuster – Doug Maxwell/Media Right Production

Action Time – Biz Baz Studio

Sources and further reading:
Stiile, Mark, Imperial Japanese Navy Battleships 1941-1945, 2008

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43 thoughts on “The Yamato – Largest battleship in History (Behemoth)

  1. Simple History says:

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  2. cheezkid26 says:

    >imperial japanese


  3. Troy Chadwick says:

    I counted three whole 69s in the whole video

  4. Zoltán Várhelyi says:

    The Spaceballs-1 be like

  5. Pandas Panda Pan Das says:

    Okay, what is the actual length of this ship?
    I went to the USS Iowa and found out that it's longer than the Yamato and it's width isn't that far off from the Yamato.
    Who's telling the truth, I suspect foul play.

  6. but what about fuel economy?

  7. Kresnata Adi Waskito 7C-16 says:

    Yamato: sunk
    Engineer: Wtf
    Engineer hand: Wtf
    Emperor: that fine

  8. 焼肉師匠 says:


    46cm三連装砲 3基
    15,5cm三連装砲 4基
    12,7cm連装高角砲 6基
    25mm三連装機銃 12基

  9. This narrator used to do History channel shows

  10. Ivan Daniel says:

    all that oil and fuel spilled into the ocean!! 😭 💚

  11. Valmanway Kruz says:

    IJN thought building the hugest battleship will be the best idea…
    And then Isoroku denied it's ideology by succeeding the attack of Pearl Harbor with carriers.
    after that, Yamato defeated by unstoppable U.S carrier spam.

  12. Here comes Space Small Ships Taffy 3!

  13. I remember playing Battlestations Midway and this ship was like finnal Boss fight, god i loved that game

  14. Am I the only who like me comment?🤔

  15. Otto von Bismarck says:

    i found a bit video between your adds.

  16. Maxed level people be like:

  17. Arizona 4891 says:

    69000 tons? They could have built 3 or 4 aircraft carriers or dozens of merchant/supply vessels (which they desperately needed). What a way for a country extremely limited in resources to flush its resources down the toilet on a useless boondoggle.

  18. Prizmar Valschi says:

    Imagine if gravity canons actually existed

  19. Lewis Davies says:

    Can somebody count how many times he said guns

  20. …goddamn ads screwed up another interesting video

  21. I saw an interview with one of the American pilots charged with bombing runs on the Yamato. He said towards the end it was like shooting a wounded fangless dog. She couldn't move and could barely shoot back

  22. Bluegaming Plays says:

    Lol helldiver go brrrr

  23. Trip Stotts says:

    Hold my Bismarck

  24. minifunplay fun says:

    Can I join to your channels

  25. FrenchyJr says:

    Yamato should remember this line and should be afraid
    “The enemy is being reinforced with a dreadnought”

  26. 真人实况小猫 says:

    Is it bigger then the Bismarck

  27. Levi Naber says:

    So let me get this straight, they had the most powerful ship in history, and used it to sink one ship?

  28. Frey Alessandro S. ARELLANO says:

    again it has a nice weight or something

  29. NOOB ClASH OF CLAN says:

    The beginning of world war 3 has just began.

  30. Bigger isn't always better…

  31. Rainier Richie Gunawan says:

    When you taught bismark is the most powerful

  32. The Asian Boy says:

    I think the Yamato counterpart in Star Wars universe is Executor (Vader's flagship)

  33. Captain Hawking Empire Forge says:

    If you threw this ship back into WWI …
    It would have fun there.

  34. 6dig-S 61 says:

    The Nagato was the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy, not the Yamato. The public didn't know the Yamato existed during the war.

  35. eric tristan Labro says:

    I live in the country that the battle of leyte gulf happend there are some wrecks of some ships

  36. Jarrod Yuki says:

    if only she had guided missiles proximity fuses and lasers she could have taken out the whole us navy.

  37. MIKA ASRAF says:

    Everybody: yamato is the biggest ship

    uss iowa in the background : SAD NOISES

  38. Havoc Herseim says:

    15" guns on a slow moving target… the biggest of its kind vs. Airplanes…not a contest. Planes win every time.

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