The Wehrmacht – Combat Footage

In remembrance of the German military of World War II.

47 thoughts on “The Wehrmacht – Combat Footage

  1. Liška Lenhart Frenk says:

    Germany come to back 😭😭

  2. John Wick killed 3 guys in bar with pencil!! well germans took fight against all to keep german legacy and honor! its example like sparta 300 you can always stand and fight!! we will remmeber that one country stood against many!! becouse they banned this history so why they didnt ban communism also??

  3. CainGemer says:


  4. JOEBURNES2006 says:

    Gott bless these men they saved western Europe from the communists.

  5. There use to be a video called "ww2 shocking footage" it must have been taken down; it uses the same footage from "WW2: Intense German Combat Footage *Must see*". It had one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. If any one knows the video im talking about please tell me the name of the song or give me the video.

  6. AllAnonim says:

    Sry for dislike!This is my favorite music because i am a real nazi

  7. Persona non grata says:


  8. Scott Cravens says:

    The greatest and most righteous Army in the history of the world!

  9. Jason Mussett says:

    Tenacious in defence and attack.

  10. Borgen PB says:

    Great footage tanks for sharing
    Music score went very well good choice

    I saved many clips of whermacht in recent months and for one reason or another they are all disappearing for one reason or another.

    Very angry about this and i hope i am able to view footage like this but alas social media seems to be at odds with what i choose to view

  11. Bubi Ruski says:

    God bless the Germans and all their friends.
    May they all be prosperous !

  12. Uncle Wolf says:

    The true defenders of Europe. When they lost, Europe was doomed. What is now happening are the logical consequences of the outcome of WW2.

  13. linda blouin says:

    The fact is that most of the German military men were in the fight because they believed their home,country and families were in peril….Their goverment lied to them,and just like today,in America ,or Britain ,russia etc,most people will believe the lies spun by their goverment.All Germans were not bad,,,,quite the contrary,,,most were good men who thought they were defending their country…The other fact is,,not one allied country or russia could have defeated Germany in a one on one war at that time.

  14. What a wonderful heart felt video. May the Men and Women of the 3rd Reich rest in peace. Proud German-American

  15. Walter Alter says:

    Sensitively done. My heart aches. But they were a tyranny. In the future there is no tyranny. All are individuals able to express their genius, their godhood. Reyn til runa!


  16. Vympel_WAR_CRIMINAL says:

    Respect from Argentina ✊🏻

  17. Foolish pred Gospodom.

  18. Tiger Tank says:

    There has never been nor never will there be a greater people, a greater Armed Forces or a greater Leader that those of the Third Reich Germany.

  19. Billie Johnson says:


  20. Chicago Fire - FR says:

    In remembrance of the German military of World War II

  21. Basil Bradford says:

    Without a doubt, the best music along with beautiful and inspiring videos. Treu bis zum ende !

  22. Skorupomaniak Senpai says:

    music ?

  23. Skorupomaniak Senpai says:

    song name ?? please

  24. Argiris argi says:

    Americans saved them back in 1945.But now no one will by able to save them from the hands of the Russians. And with this way they will pay after all these years for their crimes against humanity

  25. blacktotoro12921078 says:


  26. Steve Steveson says:

    still cant belive germany lost

  27. michael hudson says:

    Seems that almost everyone forgot the winter war, how UK and USA just ignored everything when soviets attacked finland and UK even wanted to attack us too. Germany was the one of the very few countries that decided to help and i really appreciate that, too bad our government sucks nowadays.

  28. Ethan McEwen says:

    Yes Russian were sick people but the German might have been the enemy to us but they were just like us following orders yes the SS were sick people but the German army was not they were fighting for there country JUST LIKE US they were 100 of kids / teenagers that joined up/ or forced

  29. 1.59  Carius in front of his Tiger ?

  30. DarkSektori says:

    You know what people are still picking sides here, the war has been over seriously the fact is this with a war of this magnitude with the people civilian or military losses on both sides, no one ever wins a war whatever the damn outcome, it was both sides that lost as far as I'm concerned, this war brought out the worst in every country involved in this conflict. Consider this everyone that this war ended over 70 years ago and they still can't give an accurate death toll to this thing, it keeps slowly increasing. Germany rose out of one of the worst depressions in world history and still in a few years managed to build and unleash the most efficient most terrifying war machine the world has ever seen. Yes in the end they failed to take over the world, (I know not everyone in the German army was a monster) but even with a bunch of psychopathic madmen running everything they still came pretty damn close to winning. Was it necessary for the Allies to bomb German civilians but tell that to the British people who died during the London Blitz or the many other European cities like Rotterdam and Warsaw that were subjected to terror bombing attacks by the Luftwaffe killing thousands of innocent people. People think wars fought today are bad, go research the Battles of Stalingrad, Berlin, St Lo, and Kiev and battles like Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and Peleliu on the Pacific front. Yeah perhaps the United States went too far with the Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but Japan went too far when they bombed Pearl Harbor. Regardless you can go back and forth all you want about WW2 or any war for that matter, but it does not justify any of it. In the end war ultimately not at the fault of specific countries, it's at the fault of humanity as a whole.

  31. Cyclops8888 says:

    Gott mit Deutsch Soldat !!!

  32. angry nas says:

    Your nazi antihuman souls and characters makes you believe that  you are better than the other people and nations,that its no quality,its your stupid minds that you germans possess,its the reason of your destruction then,and for the destruction once and for all that will occur in some time near by,to you and your nazi gray pigs country

  33. Outnumbered in quantity, superior in quality? Well ofcourse you would be if your country's economy was designed to be focused on military. Fuck germany.

  34. Stephan jager says:

    may the souls of all the fallen DEUTSCHER soldaten from the 2 world war  rest in peace because they fight for what they believed in Evan if they were miss guided by hitler its not there fallt for all the bad things the nazie high command did so lets give all the solders the respect and peace they so rightfully deserve for doing what so meany did not dare to do PUT THERE LIFE ON THE LINE SO WE COULD LIVE NEVER FORGET THE GERMANS RUSSAIN AMERICANS AND BRITS<CANADEns solders FOR WHAT IT IS THEY DID FUR IMMER IM MINEM HERTZ SINT DI DEUTSCHEN SOLDATEN DAS ERAN LEBAN FELORN HABEN

  35. JuergenGDB says:

    There are times I wish I lived back then in my Home Country.  If the League of Nations were not so harsh after WWI, its possible WWII may never had happened.  I would have gladly fought and died for my true home… Deutschland.


  37. Reichsfuehrer Nivea Creme says:

    Great video.  Vielen dank!

  38. Yellow Bird says:

    NUTS! Are you all become a kind of nazi zombies? Remember; the propaganda from the 3rd and last Reich still works on you people today! And you from Project GWR are henchmen of Goebbels! Shame on you. Erwache: Wake up!  In remembrance of all the victims of the German war machine and a brutal regime!!

  39. Thorsten Kümmel says:

    Blabla comments german soldiers slaughtered innocent.??!!!
    What did the others do ??
    Stalin oh yes he was completely innocent. Murdered millions in his own country.
    Ey weak up in war there is no innocence

  40. The German soldiers will only kill POW's when their commanders tell them to

  41. But the Russian commanders did not tell their soldiers to kill German POWs the German did kill Russian people too POWs but those were orders.

  42. Rocco A. Spencer says:

    Oliver sound like you have a real problem. May they RIP, they were sons and fathers for someone. Its along time since and much worst has passed in case you haven't been keeping track of the news.

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