The War in the Pacific – Dramatic World War II combat footage

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40 thoughts on “The War in the Pacific – Dramatic World War II combat footage

  1. Diel Drone says:

    Uma realidade..mais triste de mais.. super like meu amigo… espero sua visita… abraço Diel

  2. Militarily speaking, Japan should have considered NOT attacking the US, but focusing on Brit Far East possessions. They should have sent their 6-carrier strike force into the Atlantic and would have sunk most of the Royal Navy in a few weeks, not even close. Nobody understood carrier air doctrine like the IJN and the USN. RN carriers the first half of WW2 were pitiful jokes. With that kind of naval support, the Germans would have landed panzer divisions in England. The ONLY chance the Japanese had at Pearl was to catch & sink all 3 US carriers that were in the Pacific, or missing that, sink all 3 at Midway. They lost WW2 by attacking the US, and then actually achieving very little militarily at Pearl and Midway, despite having a magnificent navy in 1941. But IJN vs Royal Navy in 1941? I’d bet on the IJN 10/10 times, because of carrier doctrine (and that secret Long Lance torpedo). Employ the carriers correctly, the RN is no more. Japan didn’t even need carriers to sink Prince of Wales battleship and Repulse battlecruiser in the Far East.

  3. Just Latvian says:

    Pacific war turned USA in a global superpower that still dominates the Pacific ocean.

  4. Almost 100k subs man👍

  5. [DB] Invero says:

    4:04 Anyone have any idea what is the cause of the explosion just from a plane's machine guns strafing?

    Edit: and 4:10

  6. Marc Kenton says:

    I've watched this probably thirty times now & its ridiculously great. I truly like these videos more than any I've viewed by far.

  7. greatest man ever says:

    Wish more thanks from algeria

  8. CLAIRE GLASS says:

    Fᴜʀʏ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴀᴄɪғɪᴄ

  9. paul lynch says:

    Hey Tojo? You won't fly your plane into an impenetrable wall of lead and fire!

    Tojo: Hold my Saki!

  10. Mystic Mountain says:

    i am always proud for all these brave men who fought during WWII weather they're Allied or Axis they're the bravest generation of men in human history. Salute to all of them.

  11. Vlad Brain says:

    Where do you find these records? Is there a website?

  12. Can you re-upload ‘Power of the Third Reich’?

  13. HCT do you will reupload all the videos banned on Ypitube and Fecbook again or on an other platform?

  14. GermanMilitaryPower says:

    Mate, when do you finally start to upload your entire videos in bitchute? I miss our talks 🙁

  15. CRazYDAvE951 ! says:

    It's amazing any Japanese survived that war, they were fanatical.

  16. Mateusz Mazurek says:

    We attacked their harbor.
    They unleashed the sun. Twice

  17. Abraham Jafer says:

    Battlefield V brought me here !

  18. Great work once again!

  19. Amazing fottage <3 HTC is a legend yes 🙂

  20. Isaac Partridge says:

    Pacific ground combat next?

  21. TriviaBot says:

    Where do people find footage like this to use on their videos? I have been thinking of trying to do something similar regarding WW2 and perhaps even WW1, but not really sure where to begin. Ripping them straight from other people's Youtube videos is not really fair, besides most of the material has watermarks.



  23. Илья Иванов says:

    I ve saw this vidoe with previous audio track Sacrifice by Steve Jablonsky and it s most actual again.

  24. Michael Seiber says:

    A couple years ago I seen some of your best videos banned off of YouTube. I hate to see that happen I would like to see them again.

  25. Классные кадры, многие никогда не видел.!!!

  26. Александр Нор says:

    Интересно смотреть а главное правда.

  27. Doktor Lowrider says:

    Thats one of your best videos (very dramaticly)- many thanks and greetings from Berlin

  28. Fish poem says:

    As always, beautifully composed, reinforced by the perfect music. Invokes the courage, terror, and incredible scale of a conflict that is the most pivotal event in the history of Western Civilization.

  29. Muhammad Hassaan says:

    It take Guts! To fight on Front! Salute to all men of WW2!!!

  30. Noble Loup says:

    HCT is still alive. Thank you for these beautiful videos of great qualities.

  31. Brutal conflict. RIP all the fallen and thanks for the good vídeos HCT

  32. Maximilian Schusteremann says:

    Great Work. Mr HCT. Big Thanks to you. 😀

  33. Barsura Simpson says:

    Can't you make a vídeo about the italians in ww2?

  34. Martin Gastanaga says:

    Hello I Have a Tribute I try to up on YouTube but I can't if I Give you my video you can up on YouTube?

  35. Patrick Duffy says:

    Another good honest video cant understand why your videos where taking down maybe cause the Germans where to good.Happy new year.

  36. Hidden Arizona says:

    "War is serious business" "Only the dead have seen the end of war"

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