The Vietnam War was SO BADASS (Vietnam War combat, battle footage, music)

This video tells the AWESOME history of the Vietnam War and includes a extremely graphic combat footage montage of real Vietnam War combat footage set to music from the era. This is a compilation of clips and footage from the Vietnam War with a compilation of music from Vietnam including “Fortunate Son” “Buffalo Springfield” and “CCR”. I discuss another US invasion of Vietnam, and why “The Vietnam War” was so cool and fun and interesting. We should go back to Vietnam again and I will lead you into combat but first, here is the history of the Vietnam War and the invasion plan.

Vietnam Music in this video:
“For what it’s worth”
“Fortunate Son”

Vietnam War footage sources:

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I also use a clip from this guy’s video:

Obviously the Vietnam War was horrible and we should not actually go back, nor should we send children to invade it again. This video is satirical in nature and is for your viewing entertainment.

by Crippling Depression. Oh yeah I use a clip from the Eric Andre Show too but I’m not gonna link it so the algorithm doesn’t get too confused and clearly knows this is an educational video that explores the US involvement in the Vietnam War conflict. Vietnam war music video as well.

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