The Vietnam War 1945–1975: “Napalm Girl”

Few who have seen Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph could forget the sight of 10-year-old Kim Phuc, running naked and wounded from a napalm attack. Ut helped to save Kim’s life, and the two became lifelong friends. They talk here about the day the napalm bombs dropped.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Vietnam War 1945–1975.

How did the Vietnam War define a generation? In our groundbreaking exhibition “The Vietnam War: 1945-1975,” the New-York Historical Society examined the causes, progression, and consequences of one of the most controversial events of the 20th century. On view at New-York Historical from October 4, 2017 – April 22, 2018.

44 thoughts on “The Vietnam War 1945–1975: “Napalm Girl”

  1. Majd Moughrabi says:

    Usa i just want to tell you payday is coming

  2. Yes America bad Nazi Germany bad but no let's not rip into the Soviet union there good they didn't kill more people than the SS Totenkopf

  3. Gordon WEST says:

    Yu should haves fly in a a kite I th he beaurifu Nam wind

  4. Renato Camurça says:

    Crime against humanity, as Fallujah depleted uranium.

  5. manifestgtr says:

    Dude, Vietnam was fucking horrible. There’s no other way to put it…

  6. Grand master Yoda says:

    Summary of war:
    Poor people die because rich people couldn’t get along

  7. TheZorginator1 says:

    Aaron Sorkin said "when our military showed up people used to say "thank god the americans are here" but that has changed with Trump in charge." Pretty sure these people didn't say that.

  8. Tom Morningstar says:

    Phan Thi Kim Phuc is an icon of strength, determination and personal achievement. She was napalmed by a SOUTH VIETNAMNESE A1DE Skyraider, NOT an American aircraft. Hello? That said, the was was over for US combat troops will before 1973 dawned. The NVA walked away from a negotiated deal 10/29/1972. Nixon told them to sign off or face massive destruction. They scoffed. For 12 days in December 1972, Nixon threw everything we had at every target of military significance in Bac Vietnam. At the end the US was "bombing rubble" and there was nothing left. April 1975 saw the evacuation of the US Embassy in Saigon. The FACT is we kicked the North's ass and made them sign off on January 1973. The South threw down their brand new unfired rifles and beat feet for places like Westminster California (Little Saigon). This was well over before the South lost their own war due to their own corruption and lack of courage. The US won. Now Vietnam is a Capitalist Oligarchy, just like the US… wanna tell me who won?

  9. I was a victim of the American invasion of Iraq before fleeing to Sweden and having a good life here. I understand how this girl feels. This may sound wrong, but i dont miss my home, or the middle-east in general. Dont miss the countries, the culture, the language, any of it. I grew up as a Swede and will stay a Swede, because i remember when i was an arabic child. All i experienced then was American cruelty and terrorist extremism.

  10. Frost Soul7755 says:

    And the old creep that started it all living a good life .

  11. Titus Wheatbread says:

    The working class used as pawns to slaughter the innocent by the 1% that sit in their ivory towers, scratching their heads at what to do next on their chess board. The chess board being the battlefield and the pieces being the soldiers.

  12. Kiliti Mo Ko Chanel says:

    Someday we will take revenge to america.. America must pay soul.

  13. marz kenz says:

    dude censor that shit i dont want to see a 10 year olds fanny

  14. The big guns fight and kill innocent people…

  15. Loli- Kun says:

    Vietnam is a sad story.

  16. bryan lopez says:

    clairo finesse dogbarking harlemshake umarjohnson totallytv timmyturner

  17. This is how u creat more enemy, drop bomb on a village full of people, what is left become your enemy

  18. Joel Villarreal says:

    Why would you hide in a village called trang BANG?

  19. Discrekpekt says:

    Thats a lot of democracy

  20. Ioerca YT says:

    Kim phuc lol that name

  21. JavaFloof says:

    Thats gonna hurt alot. Being burned alive. Barefoot. Running away

  22. gameflow sid says:

    I feel really bad for spamming these in world box

  23. One of the countless US war crimes.

  24. Eberynody talking about how great america is.. they killed what they saw and worse: the media lied the shit out of it. Saying the south vietnamese air force did it. But it was americas air force trying to clear the village that got captured by the vietnamese…. i am dissapointed

  25. Tony Pham says:

    I m vietnamese live in australia suppose to be love but some how seen this i hate westenner 1 to revenge one day for my mother land if i can

  26. Bonny Toxopeus says:

    1 like = 1 one i feel sorry for those at trong bong

  27. Jorge Callico says:

    Napalm replaced flame-throwers. As the men on F/TS who sprayed the opposing force had very short careers. Almost by the time the F/T became operational the armed forces wanted to fire then from some kind of shelter.
    .tanks were the first alternative to hand"washing" the enemy..

    Then someone came up with the idea of gelatinizing gasoline and dropping from the air.

  28. Stoner Shag says:

    This made me grimace. War is hell.

  29. RIZAL ALFANDI says:

    No wonder the people of america protest of this war

  30. Kanato Sakamaki says:

    Gee it sure would be nice if we could solve problems without excessive violence— oh wait right. The Adults who run wars aren’t capable of anything else

  31. dashaB0553 says:

    In a discussion today and this picture still haunts me 50 years on, it is a very powerful picture still

  32. The Communist says:

    and here again i cryed

  33. Hüseyin Saçıkara says:

    This means how barbarian is the American imperialism.

  34. Dave Shatton says:

    victim of South Vietnamise Air Force…. TV was invented to say lies

  35. johnulrick says:

    Napalm sticks to kids and sticks to your ribs

  36. [GMCR]GameCrew 396 says:

    Napalm stick to kids

  37. Mike Veis says:

    War is hell. This picture is very hard to look at. It brings me to tears sometimes.

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