The USS Enterprise: Hero Ship of WWII | Battle 360 | History

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The USS Enterprise, or The Big E, was the most decorated U.S. ship of WWII and was outfitted with some of the most advanced technology of the age in this clip from “The Grey Ghost”. #Battle360
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33 thoughts on “The USS Enterprise: Hero Ship of WWII | Battle 360 | History

  1. Enterprise before: i am a big aircraft carrier, I'm very strong, no one can defeat me
    Enterprise now: lol i am waifu and i just married commander

  2. Alpha & Omega says:


  3. Him: American warships are extremely dangerous to approach

    Yamato: are u sure about that

    Essex class carriers:think again

  4. David Hernandez says:

    This is history and we shouldn’t let this die out.


    Isn't it the biggest Aircraft carrier in History which ran away from a few Russian Submarine in 1971

  6. NOOB ClASH OF CLAN says:

    The beginning of ww3.




  8. Tkd saints says:

    Also known as the grey ghost learned that nickname from the azur lane anime

  9. Racer's Den says:


    Star Trek vibes right here mate

  10. Rajesh Badur says:

    I never knew a ship will become a waifu or shipfu.
    Anyway OWARI DA!

  11. blockmasterscott says:

    Like Tom Baker telling someone that he is "THE Doctor", the CV-6 is "THE Enterprise".

  12. Dylan Meng says:

    is this like a reboot of dogfights

  13. My grandpa Cecil was a machinist mate on the Big E. I named my son after him.

  14. Lil Chopstixz 21 says:

    I guess she boldly went where no other ship has gone

  15. Back when the history channel was the History Channel.

  16. Helen Grace Lozano says:

    There's nothing better than the USS enterprise

  17. F430 Ferrari says:

    Pretty sure if Yorktown and Hornet had these retrofits like Enterprise in 1943 and they all had Hellcats then even the most experienced and best IJN pilots would have a difficult time sinking any of these carriers.

    This was all on the job training. The Us continually learned from their mistakes and/ or weaknesses and adapted.

    It’s very possible the IJN still had very many good pilots in 1943. It’s just that they started to run into more seasoned veteran US pilots who were now flying better planes.

    The targets the IJN pilots were also going after were just better equipped also. It seems it was a combo of many things.

    Still even the best and most experienced IJN pilots would have trouble against the Hellcat from the way I see it. They would also have trouble getting through all the anti aircraft fire and even if they got a torpedo hit the reinforced belt would protect the US carriers.

    It seems after 1942, the IJN could only sink “escort” or “light” carriers and these were mainly by Kamikaze attacks too.

  18. I wish she would’ve been saved as a museum ship

  19. JacobGamingPlayz says:

    A Us Navy Ship
    Some Anime Studios

  20. This specific video was raided by AL fans.

  21. Kristel Vidhi says:

    sighing so nostalgic indeed

  22. 청솔향 says:

    When HISTORY channel was HISTORY channel.

  23. uss enterprise says:

    History its me enterprise

  24. Cloud Wind says:

    I wish Azur Lane would die

  25. EmptySergeant says:

    but whats with that loopimg ugly overlay….. yay for antipiracy "measures"

  26. Mr. Arya Stark says:

    This is the content the people want!

  27. 中野Itsuki says:

    Hello, YoStar it's time for her UR.

  28. Cloud Wind says:

    This comment section about “oriwa da” from Azur Lane is cringe
    90%: annoying people making inaccurate statistics of the comment section

  29. Bhanu Partap says:

    Nice 🙏🗡️🗡️🗡️🙏🗡️🗡️💯

  30. IJN Takao says:

    Sadly she got scrapped

  31. Desmond The Moonbear says:

    US military: builds something
    Also US military: put a 50 cal on it

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