The Use Of Punji Traps In The Vietnam War

Something different from the usual videos.
A look at how the Viet Cong utilised simple materials to form crude yet effective punji traps in the Vietnam War.


50 thoughts on “The Use Of Punji Traps In The Vietnam War

  1. Ratius Rattius says:

    That commentator is a fucking twat

  2. Scary mate.. you don't want to walk into that

  3. Eric Johnson says:

    Putting human excrement on punji sticks was a shitty thing to do

  4. Nasty political war for nothing. Thank you men for serving and doing your job.

  5. Andrew Simar says:

    Good thing about it is to remind me why I have so little trust in people!

  6. Stop a patrol in its tracks nasty wound even if not severely infected puncture type wounds hurt like hell and are slow to heal.

  7. ThreepwoodForest says:

    US army got beaten by sticks xD

  8. That is a genius but horrific weapon. Would've been a death sentence stepping on those bamboo faeces spikes with sepsis.

  9. Memer Ricer says:

    Next time i go to battle with vietnam im taking a leaf blower

  10. Todd Smith says:

    Stay the fuck out of other countries than 🤷🏼

  11. No wonder they came home crazy.

  12. Stincil S says:

    Was Peterson brave?

    Yes, Hamchuck. He was very brave.

  13. Can't beat a stick it'll get you everytime even when you're not looking!!

  14. Man Drake says:

    Vietnamese were very creative

  15. This explains why the rate of amputation was 4x higher than in other wars even ww2. Infections from those spikes would probably cause gangrene and sepsis.

  16. Imagine being a world power just to be unsuccessful in a country of farmers.

  17. GABRIEL O’s says:

    My grandpa had 2 brothers including himself fight in Vietnam. His twin brother fell into a trap and the bamboo went up his foot all they way up his leg. And his younger brother was killed from a mine and blew up into pieces.My grandpa was trying to get his brother out of the front but it was too late. My grandpas twin always walked with a Cain after that and would never talk about the war. My grandma would say he would have nightmares a lot from the war. But in 1996 my grandpa passed two years before I was born. Rest In Peace Grandpa your a legend in my eyes.🇺🇸🇲🇽

  18. Việt Cộng says:

    Nên nhớ các bạn sẽ không biết chúng tôi là những cái cây

  19. Sam Woods says:

    And now, they make our t shirts and draws

  20. Respect other people, respect other people’s way of life, respect other people’s land. Period.

    Well done Vietnam, for doing what you were forced to do by the uninvited.

  21. ThiHienMai Nguyen says:

    Some people seem to be puzzled, or bemused, or scornful, or derisive, or upset, or hateful, … that socialist Vietnam adopts the market economy even with much capitalistic flavor. They fail to understand the following

    # For the Vietnamese

    Uncompromised priority: Independence and Integrity of their Country

    Other goals and priorities

    Priority #1: Freedom and Democracy

    Priority #2: Happiness

    Priority #3: Security

    Priority #4: Peace

    Priority #5: Prosperity

    Priority #6: International Standing

    # The rest, whether it's Monarchy, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, a Mixture of those, … could easily be negotiable to serve those above goals.

    # Thus, the Vietnamese had endured unbelievable sacrifice and hardship in their long wars against capitalist French colonialists, and fascist Japanese militarists, and capitalist American neo-colonialists, and communist Chinese expansionists, not because of socialism or capitalism or communism, but because of their country's Independence and Integrity.


    Carlos Z:

    China could crush Vietnam within a month.


    ThiHienMai Nguyen:

    Carlos Z says "China could crush Vietnam within a month." – I say:

    # Maybe. Actually, it could be well less than 1 month, like the Chinese Deng_XiaoPing's expansionist aggression of 17/02-05/03/1979 (17 days), or the Qing_dynasty_of_China's war battle of 25-30/01/1789 (6 days of Vietnamese Tết [Lunar New_Year]), against Vietnam.


    Jack Wilson says "The 'Vietnamese' didn’t fight America. The Communist North Vietnamese fought America." – I say

    # Initially, all Viet_Congs were southern Vietnamese; "Nam Bộ Kháng Chiến" [Southern Resistance (to French colonialists' 2nd invasion in 1945)], "Đồng Khởi" [Uprising (in 1960)] were all done by southern Vietnamese. By the end of the Liberation war, most of the Viet_Congs in Southern Vietnam were southern Vietnamese. My parents, my aunties and uncles, my grand parents, say that on the Liberation day of 30-4-1975, there were not one single northern Vietnamese to be seen in our area in Hồng Ngự (Đồng Tháp province)


    My point is the Struggle for Vietnam's Independence and Liberation was carried out, and won, by all Vietnamese together, northern, southern, central, ….

    # As mentioned, the liberation of most of southern Vietnam was done by the southern Vietnamese.

    # Thus, besides our home district Hồng Ngự, no northern Vietnamese were seen in Cần Thơ, Mỹ Tho, Rạch Giá, Cà Mau, Phú Quốc, Trà Vinh, Kiên Giang, …. when those areas were liberated on 30-4-1975, but only the southern Vietnamese (southern Viet_Congs)

    # By the way, it's very easy to pick out a northern Vietnamese in a southern environment; the northern accent is impossible to hide or change, probably in a way similar to when Americans pick out a Scottish among them.

    # The so-called "South Vietnam" regime (named Ngụy Quyền or Puppet Regime in Vietnam) was erected up by the invading French colonialists who were succeeded by the invading American neo-colonialists, to help them keep their colonial occupation of Vietnam.


    In Video on a similar topic, "The Fall Of Saigon (Part 7)" ( ), at 10:41 the journalist Mr Peter Arnett says "What was this war all about?"

    # Mr Peter Arnett asked the question, but I think he had also implied the answer; and the answer was similar to that by Australian Prime Minister Mr Gough Whitlam.

    # Prime Minister of Australia Mr Gough Whitlam was among the few westerners who voiced the OBVIOUS TRUTH (in contrast to many other who knew this truth but chose not to say it, or worse even colluded with the rich and powerful US Government to wage an extremely barbaric invading conquering immoral unjust war on the Vietnamese people in an attempt to impose a new colonialism [after the failure of the French's old colonialism] on Vietnam)

    # Mr Gough Whitlam said (I saw it on the internet some years ago, but sorry I did not write down any info; it was in one of the interviews he gave; I just remember him saying so) "THE VIETNAMESE SIMPLY WANTED THEIR INDEPENDENCE."

    # That's why they kept on fighting the almighty US war machine against all odds, with tremendous sacrifice and suffering, and unbelievable hardship and difficulties; that's why they resolutely fought off the expansionist Deng XiaoPing – Mao ZeDong's Chinese invasion combined with the genocidal Khmer Rouge's Pol Pot attacks (supported by the vengeful US Administration)

  22. Cheryl Stait says:

    Stare at me I stare at you bluelace to today

  23. JayEmJay Swatosville says:

    In the US they called it woods in Asia it’s a fucking jungle.

  24. george smith says:

    My Old Man meet one of these up and close one day back in 66

  25. Midnight Philosopher says:

    I knew a guy who fell on one of those, he's a unicorn now.

  26. Trung Quang says:

    Kẻ xâm lược xứng đáng được tận hưởng những cái bẫy này

  27. XenoChrist says:

    Imagine signing up yourself to go fight then getting there and being told to kill entire villages then being told to go down a random tunnel in the ground

  28. So they basically outsmarted the Americans using sticks… cool

  29. Most of the books on the US war in Vietnam are crap (like Karnow's). The dead giveaway is that they write nearly exclusively from the US side, they use only US or French sources, they offer almost no information or perspective from the Vietnamese viewpoint, they mostly quote Pentagon liars, and US government officials, etc.

    This is a short but very good book:
    -"The Vietnam Wars" by Marilyn Young

    -The Winter Warrior testimonies by US Vietnam War veterans.

    – The Pentagon Papers: the secret and official history of US lies and deceptions on Vietnam.

    -"Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans" by Terry, Wallace

    "Sir! No, Sir!" Documentary movie (on YouTube) EXCELLENT docu on US soldiers opposition.

    -On "Fragging" in Vietnam. You can Google endless sources, including the risable low official numbers by the Pentagon. Take anything official and multiply it by something like 100 to come closer to the real numbers. Nearly the only ones that were reported involved injured or dead since they were harder to hide. Mid-combat shooting of officers were nearly imposible to detect. You get the picture.

    This is way low but gives you "a" source:
    "According to author George Lepre, the total number of known and suspected fragging cases by explosives in Vietnam from 1969 to 1972 totaled nearly 900 with 99 deaths and many injuries. This total is incomplete as some cases were not reported, nor were statistics kept before 1969 although several incidents from 1966 to 1968 are known. Most of the victims or intended victims were officers or non-commissioned officers. The number of fraggings increased in 1970 and 1971 even though the U.S. military was withdrawing and the number of U.S. military personnel in Vietnam was declining." WIKIPEDIA

    -The US creation of "South Vietnam" in 1954 is a simple fact. It didn't exist before. The US paid for organized it together with the departing French and voilá diplomatically recognized its Frankenstein fiction in the US dominated UN. Not much to say. You can dig around in a number of books. Always read them with a critical eye. Right wing/official authors are always the most dishonest as they are writing to justify the war.

    – Truman sends the first US military personnel, weapons and funding to Vietnam in 1950 to support the French. US lies and secretly provides massive military assistance and funding.
    The French plead with the US to use atomic weapons against the Vietnamese. The US draws up plans to nuke the city of Lao Cai, through which China is assisting the Viet Minh. Atomic bombs are brought from the US to Japan for bombing Korea, China and Vietnam. However, the US ultimately decided not to, out of fear that the USSR will retaliate with its nuclear weapons and join the war., and that China would fully send its army into Korea crushing the US.

    "1953 — By November, French commander in Indochina, General Navarre, asked U.S. General McArthur to loan twelve Fairchild C-119 aircraft, to be flown by French crews, to facilitate Operation Castor at Dien Bien Phu.

    1954 — In January, Navarre's Deputy asked for additional transport aircraft. Negotiations ended on March 3 with 24 CIA pilots (CAT) to operate 12 U.S. Air Force C-119s, flying undercover using French insignia, but maintained by the USAF.[8]

    1954 — General Paul Ely, the French Chief of Staff, proposed an American operation to rescue French forces. Operation Vulture was hastily planned but not approved due to lack of consensus.[9][10]" WIKIPEDIA

    The Pentagon Papers
    Gravel Edition
    Volume 1, Chapter 4, "U.S. and France in Indochina, 1950-56"
    (Boston: Beacon Press, 1971)
    Section 1, pp. 179-214


    The United States decision to provide military assistance to France and the Associated States of Indochina was reached informally in February/March 1950, funded by the President on May 1, 1950, and was announced on May 8 of that year. The decision was taken in spite of the U.S. desire to avoid direct involvement in a colonial war, and in spite of a sensing that France's political-military situation in Indochina was bad and was deteriorating."

    "By 1952, the United States was paying for at least half the cost of France’s war…"in Vietnam.

    One point. The US allowed the French to be defeated in 1954 for two reasons. Firstly because the US had just got its ass kicked in Korea, the war was massively unpopular in the US, and there simply was no way to start another massive war with some sort of political upheaval in the US.
    Secondly, the US wanted it's French political rival defeated and driven out of Asia, which the US businesses wanted all to themselves. The British and Dutch had been largely driven out of Asia, and it was now dominated by US business interests.

    Only two years later in 1956 Eisenhower would intentionally let French and British troops be defeated in Egypt after they invaded Suez and the Egyptians kicked their ass. This was the last big defeat of the British in the Muslim/Arab which the US wanted to dominate too. Oil and the Suez Canal.

    Good luck with your research.

  30. dianne darby says:


  31. ꧁𑁍sᴏɴᴇ𑁍꧂ says:

    ".. one of the worst war that Americans ever fight.. "

  32. Pete Begnell says:

    So it was only US troops that fought in Vietnam..?🤷‍♂️

  33. A Vietnamese commander told America "we will lose 10 men for every man you lose, but you will lose the will to fight before we do"
    He was right.

  34. These were smart weapons. They may not have killed, but they took out three men from fighting. The one that was injured and two to carry him out of battle. Three less threats for the enemy.

  35. My country wasn’t scared when the US threatened to nuke us in 1954

  36. Nicholas Keene says:

    this was made 9 days after i was born

  37. Kevin Chamberlain says:

    Stone age weapons walloping the alleged world power. Ironic. Best stay in your own back yard and stop bullying others.

  38. Omer Saliu says:

    Rest in piss to all US soldiers

  39. XrayxRich says:

    Eh… When I was in Boot Camp in '67 everybody was taught about booby traps. In Vietnam nobody I know fell victim to them. "Know thy enemy." Sun Tzu

  40. Jason Rosas says:

    Leaf blowers would have been an innovation for these men🤦🏽‍♂️

  41. Cracking_wise_since 1947 says:

    When you walked on a path not only did you concern yourself with Punji stakes, you hoped that if you did step on one it wasn't full of shit.

  42. onlythewise1 says:

    should of nuked them America

  43. Why we didnt just nuke them I will never understand.

  44. jamesha175 says:

    yall boys had absolutely no business being over there at all

  45. I made one for my mother in law.

  46. Chris McCaffrey says:

    What a shitty demo for the spiked plate falling on someone "lets use a single t-shirt".

  47. FERDREW FLORES says:


  48. Rick Pelland says:

    M16's vs punji sticks? Remind me again why we were there?

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