The most terrifying sounds of World War II

A list with some of the most terrifying sounds of World War II. This list is not ranked in in a way like the higher the more terrifying.

Nebelwerfer multiple rocket launcher
V-1 flying bomb
MG 42 machine gun
Katyusha rocket launcher
Armoured fighting vehicles
Junkers Ju 87
Artillery fire support
Air raids

42 thoughts on “The most terrifying sounds of World War II

  1. Joshua Monico says:

    my grandpas uncle and his dad was in world war 2 some were in the navy army and the air force I don't know If any of any of his uncle that survived some did and his dad was in the war to and my grandpa was in the vietnam war and my grandpa is still alive and he has a german officer dagger from world war 2 beacuase one of his uncles gave it to him beacuse his uncle had to go to a mission to kill a the german officer and they killed him and they searched him to keep souvenirs and when I grow up I want to be in the army and I like it when my grandpa comes over so I can listen to his storys

  2. Kamil Wowczuk says:

    Where did you get the last one, the bombing?

  3. Ken Norcott says:

    The fact that the mg42 was nicknamed hitlers buzzsaw shows how terrifying it was

  4. Master gamer XD 10 says:

    *me in my grandparents house playing this sound next to my grandparents

    My* grandparents ahh shi- here we go again*

  5. 😩😭😔🌎🌍🌏⚘

  6. Gabriel Fogarty says:

    rip solders that dies we love you xx

  7. Jonah Chookomolin says:

    i weat be german soldior

  8. Played this on my grandparents room

  9. Lubna Omar says:

    My microwave at 3 am

  10. Honeybutter Worth says:

    Katusha storms dive bombers heavy artillery fire.

  11. Doesn't really do anything for people who haven't heart it in war in my opinion.

  12. ¡Cranberry Juice! says:

    Imagine the constant sirens going off for these weapons.. the Soviet katyusha rocket launcher scared me the most, all the smoke

  13. Schwarzerwolf 08 says:

    Alles deutsch

  14. John Shull says:

    I see where Star Wars got some of its sound

  15. Alma Syazani says:

    Oof anyway this WWII was sponsered by Raid Shadow Legends

  16. blxuee_fizzッ says:

    The german panzerwerfer/nebelwerfer was once called
    "The screaming mimi"

  17. Carl Dollarhide says:

    Me:plays this
    Grandpa: grabs shotgun fucking hell again
    Me: wha-
    Grandpa: the nazis are back
    Me: shits pants aggressively
    Grandpa: kills kids and parents outside
    The End

  18. that one irishguy says:

    The junker ju most fricking Definitely


  19. TheBusinessSheep-MinecraftGamePlay says:

    Great sounds 100/100!! 😁😁

  20. Bhaumik Tiwari says:

    For Americans most horrific sound was– " BANZAAAAIIII"

    For germans it was –

    imagine hearing URAAA from thousands of throats at once…😳😳

  21. We are humans and we are most dangerous

  22. Local Viber says:

    POV: you searched this up

  23. DanTDM fan GamingRich says:

    I just searched up the Flying Dutchman as in Spongebob so how did I get here

  24. Psyche Evolved says:

    Nothing terrifying here to be fair. The sounds are amazing! Been there would be terrifying though.

  25. potatomasher77 says:

    But imagine how scary it would be to hear enemy soldiers next to you when in a dark trench

  26. German Empire says:

    Panzerwerfer in English is tank launcher

  27. peepeerogers says:

    I see all of us the comments experienced this video in our past life

  28. pho3n1x_x says:

    Thr difference between ww1 and ww2 is astronomal and there was only like a 20 year difference now imagine an 80 year difference if another world war was to happen it would be fought with bombs bigger then mount everest

  29. MiLk MaN Kageyama says:

    Kinda reminds me of what aot would sound like 👁👁

  30. Angelic Cat AlienCrew333 says:

    Screaming me-mes

  31. Jakeb Webster says:

    To relax/study to.

  32. Hitler: how many rockets before we enter Moscow?
    Stalin: да

  33. Garox Setar says:

    Imagine surviving ww1 and telling your children how deadly it is then your child ended up joining the most deadliest war on history

  34. Lucaswarman says:

    2:37 My grandpa told me he heard those sounds one time when he was 13

  35. Erna wati says:

    War World 2 full of explosion

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