The most terrifying sounds of the Vietnam War

A list with some of the most terrifying sounds o the Vietnam War. This list is not ranked in in a way like the higher the more terrifying.

American B-52 bomber
Operation Wandering Soul
American AC-47 Spooky gunship
American jet-powered fighter aircraft
Operation Arc Light
AK-47 and M16 firefight
The jungle and the silence

*This list does not include ‘when the trees start speaking Vietnamese’.

48 thoughts on “The most terrifying sounds of the Vietnam War

  1. Rflexxgunner says:

    Look at all the shit America had and they still fucking lost不不不不不不不

  2. West Ashton says:

    when you come up with the idea of scaring the north vietnamese with ghost nosies and then realizes it scares the south vietnamese away because they belive the same thing

  3. Josue Vazquez says:

    Searched up paint it black by the rolling stones and this popped up.

  4. The samuri Alianderp293 says:

    Rest In Peace for those brave soldiers that fought on Vietnam

  5. Casey Sheehan says:

    oldest bro said the arclights b-52-s, dint do shit ta dug in nva,viet cong, nuthing but piss em off.hehehe..same ass wwii ,moral support from non infantry,hehehe….

  6. Duck Ducking says:

    Ain't seeing any girls here that's good nothing to complain to

  7. My grandpa loves this soooooooo much he went into cardiac arrest from excitement!

  8. Rocky Baird says:

    The first one I thought was scary was the silence one. The second was the ghost one.

  9. Godamn man this video gives me feelings I dont like. I wonder how my grandfather would react like omg.

  10. mad beetle says:

    The most terrifying sound is actually when the bush start to say "Dit me may"

  11. Joseph Kondrat says:

    The whistle sound of a Bee Hive Bomb just before it goes off. You had a split second to find the ground, and then hope not to be hit.

  12. Ping Pong says:

    The most terrifying sound of the Vietnam War: the trees speaking Vietnamese.

  13. 0.51- 1.21 in this way the americans were intimidating the vietcong

  14. Zack Browning says:

    Fucking don't watch this at night time alone in your tent on a camping trip!!!!!

  15. tony mememe says:

    See what y'alls grandfathers went through. And you wine and throw a fit because ur xbox stopped working.

  16. Icy_Interest225 says:

    The most scariest sound you will ever heard in vietnam is Fortunate sound while you are in a rice field

  17. Casey French says:

    I have self respect for Vietnam vets those men were treated terrible my dad join the USMC a month after the Marines pulled out Vietnam he went on leave one time waiting for his sister in Denver hippie van Orr Volkswagen there was 20 of them they got out of the van and verbally said fuck you Marine and flipped him off as well also 21-gun salute team that would shoot rifles for individuals in the town I grew up in as this was going on there was hippies in a Volkswagen yelled at the individuals that were respecting the individual that died in Vietnam hey leave this man is terrible and burnt the flag the American flag in gasoline if any Vietnam veterans that were there or reserves to go there and you read my compliment God bless you I'm an individual that really respects you Vietnam War what's the first war that we were not respectful to our soldiers World War 1 World War II Korea they were all heroes I believe the Vietnam vet is more of a hero then a World War 1 World War II Korea veteran because they were not treated that way you guys went through hell for our freedom and I love you for it thank you thank you thank you thank you

  18. Greg Macias says:

    My grandpa is Vietnam veteran and showed him this video and he he still has flashbacks everyday and all these sound terrify him

  19. Tim Hofstetter says:

    Humans doing insane stupid crap to other humans for insane stupid crap reasons.

  20. Most terrifying was the was eheiwwknefofkfnfndkfkfnd d iamhavingstrokwbaosndodnwoww wkq

  21. Nuno Anjo says:

    USA don't ever mess with vietnam the power of will is stronger that any arms… that is the proff very well vietnam for not surrender to this thugs


    My young grandson keeps asking me about Vietnam. I tell him they grow great rice there.

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