The Last British Battleship?

Does a British battleship still exist? Yes, but not in Britain. Find out the full fascinating story of the last of her kind.

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Photos: Nesmad, Ningyou, nattou, Mikasa Historic Memorial Warship
Video: YouTube Creative Commons

47 thoughts on “The Last British Battleship?

  1. a based godysey says:

    Another great video!

  2. riverman83 says:

    HMS Vanguard, Brittans last battleship should have been preserved. Ready after world war 2 and scrapped in 1960, when it still was in perfect condition. What a waste.

  3. Andrew Sage says:

    Penny pinching? Grow up. The cost of preserving huge battleships against spending money for current public services – no brainer. Preserving Belfast was costly and complicated enough and that gives modern audiences ample insight into life on board capital ships of the Royal Navy

  4. HMS king George V says:

    They could of at least saved HMS vanguard

  5. Ben Wilson says:

    Ironic that Mikasa became an aquarium after she helped turn the Russian Fleet into fish sanctuaries?

  6. sako yuta says:

    This is the only ship left in Japan as battle ships Yamato and Musashi sink. Please come to
    Yokosuka to see it.

  7. Typical of shithole Britain always sells of its heritage to the highest bidder, go to Dubai/ California if you want to see some British naval history because the UK has no interest in retaining that kind of thing here.

  8. one thing that always pisses me off when i think about scrapped warships is the fate of the prinz eugen, it was the only bigger surviving german surface vessel and the americans have nothing better to do then to nuke it.

  9. I recently saw a video of HMS vanguard being scrapped and it almost brought a tear to the eye.

  10. What about hms Belfast

  11. King of Sea cucumbers says:

    A British-born Japanese ship was saved by an American Englishman

  12. Isaac Batz says:

    I have visited this ship many times.

  13. schwerer gustav says:

    Alright that’s it I’ve had it I’m done this really sucks

  14. Sgt Steel says:

    It's just unreal that we didn't save any of them 🙁

  15. jonny baxter says:

    Hms Caroline is preserved & docked in Belfast. She's a light cruiser from the dreadnought era.

  16. Carl Trotter says:

    Fake it till you make it.

  17. No sentiment, or historical perspective by their Lordships of the Admiralty. Once it’s gone it’s gone..

  18. Kraig Cochran says:

    Cool history lesson

  19. Wils The Limit says:

    It was lovely to see so many people walking around the ship, enjoying the history of the ship

  20. Robert White says:

    We truly are a hollow shell of are former fighting nation.

  21. Nacho Angeloni says:

    We are saving for you to visit here in the South Atlantic the HMS SHEFFIELD, HMS ARDENT, HMS ANTELOPE, ATLANTIC CONVEYOR and RFA SIR GALAHAD …

  22. Thebig Gee says:

    Built in my home town. There is a street named after her. PS what do you think HMSBelfast is?!

  23. Simon Scorer says:

    The W is silent in Elswick btw, it always makes me twitch when I hear it pronounced!

  24. aiden cabildo says:

    So this mikasa base of?

  25. As a US citizen I would like to see Britain more active in warship preservation and creation. I personally think both nation's should experiment with new battleships and battle cruisers. I understand the argument against such ships being built today is that they have easy targets for aircraft carriers and anti ship missiles. However a larger battle ship can contain far more weapon systems and maybe even some kind of nano bot swarm technology to destroy incoming projectiles. If such a system were to be created it would be a far more effective ship with the added benefit of heavy artillery.

  26. Jack Glastra says:

    Austerity lead to the scrapping of most of those great ships. That and the lobbying from the scrappers.

  27. Raymond Leggs says:

    there's something depressing and simultaneously charming about seeing a ship encased in concrete

  28. Here in america we have 8 of our battleships preserved:
    – U.S.S.Texas (BB-35) Preserved in Houston, Texas
    – U.S.S. North Carolina (BB-55) Preserved in Wilmington, North Carolina
    – U.S.S. Massachusetts (BB-59) Preserved in Fall River, Massachusetts
    – U.S.S. Alabama (BB-60) Preserved in Mobile, Alabama
    – U.S.S. Iowa (BB-61) Preserved in Long Beach, California
    – U.S.S. New Jersey (BB-62) Preserved in Camden, New Jersey
    – U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63) Preserved in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
    – U.S.S. Wisconsin (BB-64) Preserved in Norfolk, Virginia

    Something to note here: All four Iowa class battleships (that were completed) were preserved. They were used in the Korean War, Vietnam, and in the 80's they were recommissioned, modernized, and sent back into service once more. Wisconsin and Missouri both served in the Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm), and were decommissioned shortly after. They were the longest serving battleships ever and it's amazing that we still have all of them to this day.

    I just wish we still had the carrier Enterprise (CV-6), which was our most decorated ship ever.

  29. LemonGecko says:

    I love your music, it just adds flair to your videos

  30. grandpa: at least we have battleships

    Me: what about the Arizona?

    Grandpa: PTSD

  31. Scott McIntosh says:

    What % of the restoration was with original parts recovered, & how much had to be fabricated new? I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but as a restoration buff of WWII aircraft, It's pure curiosity. Ultimately, who cares? The restoration work is magnificent. Well done ⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓ <my version of 5 ⭐'s>
    I would love to see an extended version of this episode, 30-45+ min. would suffice, especially if you can extend it with LOTS of interior footage & additional historical footnotes & FYI's 🎥📺🍺🍕🚬😃👍

  32. Darren Brown says:

    Walking around London you can not turn without pumping into statute of a general or admiral for some war or other. I think we have are fair share.

  33. I'm Just crazy says:

    Is not a british battleship is Japan battleship is the mikasa

  34. Barry Howard says:

    The British Navy will have a brand new MASSIVE aircraft carrier in the very near future, so I don't get the purpose of this video??
    Also, is the commentary guy on this video the same guy who does the snooker videos? You both sound the same…

  35. TheGearhead222 says:

    I was stationed in Yokosuka on board a forward deployed vessel in 1993-1994 and toured the Mikasa. It is a a beautiful ship and was Admiral Togos flagship in the Russo-Japanese war-John from Texas:)

  36. Edward Scoble says:

    Can you please add captioning for those who are disabled? your video is pretty hard to watch as it is.

  37. jobs John says:


  38. Surrey Scouse says:

    Maybe we should take it back? We haven't enough ships to even patrol our own coastline anymore.

  39. EnglishAndy says:

    No they haven’t the HMS Belfast is in the thames

  40. Antonio Bromelini says:

    Belfast is preserved! We can't keep everything.

  41. Anoni Mosu says:

    Japan : can we have a museum battleship of our own and not a british built one?
    America : bombs the only surviving japanese battleship
    Japan : destroyer or cruiser then?
    Russia and China : scrap
    Japan : not even a submarine?
    America : also bombs the submarines

    the only place where you can see genuine Japanese naval engineering of ww2 is Thailand.

  42. Anoni Mosu says:

    it’s not even Japanese

  43. the title should be: The Last British-Built Battleship?

  44. Harry Crux says:

    Your intro is not entirely correct. It should be: In the beginning of World War II the Royal Navy was still the strongest navy in the world, with the largest number of warships built and with naval bases across the globe.Totalling over 15 battleships and battlecruisers, 7 aircraft carriers, 66 cruisers, 164 destroyers and 66 submarines. In the course of the war the United States Navy grew tremendously as the United States was faced with a two-front war on the seas.[3] By the end of World War II the U.S Navy was larger than any other navy in the world. Source:
    However, it is a really good video I enjoyed it.

  45. resolute123 says:

    Britain built a dreadnought first, but it wasn't the first to think of an all big gun battleship. The US with its South Carolina-class had thought of a dreadnought concept years prior to HMS Dreadnought, but was hampered by red tape and technical issues.

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