The Ironclad | Animated History

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50 thoughts on “The Ironclad | Animated History

  1. Pole Tooke says:

    As a history major, it makes me so happy to see projects like Operation Odysseus. It brings me hope that entering the history industry will bring me connections and community

  2. From 1860 – 1906 you had broadside ironclad, central battery ironclad, mastless turret ironclad, pre-dreadnought battleship and then dreadnought battleship. A massive change in technology in just 46 years the same length of time between HMS Victory being laid down in 1759 and being the flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

  3. bluetiger 760 says:

    yea but the uss. monitor was made by John Ericsson who also made the peacemaker cannon , and also uss monitor has a underwater toilet which gave advantage to the union naval soldiers. 🙂 and the css virginia's OG name was the merrimack

  4. David Mcintyre says:

    given that by 1871 the RN had not one but two ships that could have driven through any warships afloat why were HMS Devastation and HMS Thunderer not mentioned never mind HMS Bellerophon and the other belt and battery ironclads up to and including HMS Inflexible

  5. Gregory Yang says:

    CSS Virginia: appears
    USS Monitor: You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

  6. I feel like this video was too short and left out too many details.
    edit: especially since essentially the last sixth of the video is an advertisment.

  7. Broken Bridge says:

    Nice video. I liked how informative it was. Had no idea the Ironclad's had a metal type of predecessor. Nice job guy.

  8. Lucky Block says:

    When I download War Thunder I am totally building the Thunderchild

  9. viperblitz11 says:

    You made an collaboration about naval history and didn't include Drachinifel? What treachery is this!?

  10. So we got like 3-4 minutes of content with two ads that make up 2-3mins of a 7min video

  11. Canadian Guy says:

    The ironclad felt like that awkward middle ground between the old wooden ships and the great battleships we’d see in WW1

  12. Nigel Marvin says:

    4:24 Not to be rude for your work or anything, I believe you did a great job, but isn’t West Virginia apart of the Union?

  13. Chances are if the CSS Virginia used shells instead of cannonballs, like the HMS warrior had, she could have possibly defeated the USS Monitor.

  14. Mechanical Fruit says:

    Whose ever read the book "Big bad ironclad" by Nathan hale

  15. Shawn Oherron says:

    I never quite understood why the CSA bothered to do battle with the Union Iron Clad . I mean at 1st ok sure, but once it became evident that the engagement was going to be indecisive. just simple by pass it and complete the mission which was to sink the blockade. Then deal with the Monitor. I guess hind site always helps the fog of war so to speak.

  16. your map is awful and in accurate , it includes west virginia in the confederacy…wrong and what the hell is up with florida

  17. West Virginia should be in the union especially considering that is how it formed.

  18. nikolai60 says:

    Little known fact: monitor class ships never actually went away, they just kept getting modernized. Though clearly not a one to one of the original, their single turret on a low slung hull is still distinctive enough to see the relation.

  19. AllTheWayClean says:

    What if the CSA had a Yamato and 3 tiger tanks (with trained crew and unlimited fule for them) would they have lost?

  20. I'm curious as to your inclusion of West Virginia in the confederacy. I know it is a tricky situation with them, but I would think that that area would not be highlighted.

  21. Daniel Smith says:

    If operation Odysseus doesn't involve Drachinifel, I won't be able to take it seriously.

  22. Matt Horkan says:

    Primer on "Boat vs Ship".
    Ships launch from piers
    Boats launch from ships, tenders, or land transportation.
    Dinghys launch from boats.

  23. Aloha Dubs says:

    The fuckin CSS Virginia and the Monitor: NOW YOU LISTEN HERE, YA YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPER…

  24. CSA and Union: DAD have we made you proud by making two iron ships fight?!
    UK: dear god what have you done to my son

  25. MandaloretheSavage says:

    Umm, i think your map of the CSA and USA is flawed with Western Virginia belonging to the CSA it may have been apart of a slave state but it was a loyalist state to the USA.

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