The Future MARINE RIFLE SQUAD *Ready by 2020

Marine rifle squads have gotten extra deadly, agile and adaptable. The Marine Corps will implement a brand new squad formation construction with a view to meet the calls for of future warfighting. The transition to those superior squad formations will happen in FY 2020.

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20 thoughts on “The Future MARINE RIFLE SQUAD *Ready by 2020

  1. Justin Everhardus says:

    "300% more bullet per bullet"

  2. Mark Eric Bravo says:

    Is the automatic rifle , A Rifle caliber . And now Marines can wear there Ribbons and Rank on there Utilities .
    Because you just told the enemy as much .

  3. Anec Dotal says:

    So they are becoming Army Infantry…got it!

  4. Jarod Affy says:

    What’s the point of an AR if everyone is an AR

  5. Zero Gamer says:

    well im glad im join the USMC

  6. I signed my infantry contract hope I can do this

  7. Luke William says:

    Where does a Corpsman fit into the squad?

  8. Joshua Twyman says:

    In 2023 I want to be a grenadier I graduate that year

  9. Not so sure whether it is correct to say "tripple the fire power". The advantage of having less MGs in the squad and more "regular" riflemen, was that the riflemen could help out with carrying ammo for the MGs. Sure, now you have more automatic weapons, but with less endurance, because each of those weapons is basically limited to what ammo the one guy carrying it has on him.
    Also, is a squad size of 12-13 not a bit anachronistic? Almost all IFVs and APCs are set up to transport 8 men. Needing 2 vehicles to transport 1 squad seems kind of wasteful, especially since those vehicles need their own crews too. Meaning, you need 2 Bradleys or Strykers or whatever with 4 to 6 people crewing them in order to transport 1 squad.
    And what if one of those 2 vehicles has a problem and gets immobilized? You split up the squad then and leave half of it behind?

  10. butt head says:

    i wish i was cool enough to mount 24s during the day 0:41

  11. Yinan Luo says:

    If Marines replace M4 with M27, I’ll join the army

  12. xUnknow Ghostx says:

    Am i the only one who wish there is a way to keep the m1grand as the main weapon but with modern tech. Or the carbine

  13. And dual nods too right? RIGHT?

  14. Richard Bergen says:

    Accounting for Marines is important.  SL will need to take a boot off to count to twelve.

  15. Based Capone says:

    Marines are 25x better than the Army at everything related to media. Its amazing. The Army is stuck in 1970 and the Marines are in 2050 as far as digital advertising goes.(commercials, YouTube, everything). Army needs to step up its game or all the kids are just going to go the Marines. Its pretty pathetic coming from a former soldier how much better the Marines seem to be ran from a public affairs and media standpoint. Good job my MC bros..always enjoyed working with you guys down range.

  16. Anselmo Alliegro says:

    There is a similarity to the German WWII squad of 3 to a MG42 teams.

  17. RogueVector says:


    Freakin' love the idea of everyone getting M27s tho. 😀

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