The Extremely ANNOYING "Pranks" the World did to WW2 Germany and Japan to Slow them Down

What do you think is the most annoying thing you could have done to Germany or Japan during World War Two? From putting laxatives in the food to attempting to devalue the economy, this video covers six of the most annoying things the world did to slow them down.

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🎬Video Credits:
Narrator – Cam
Editors – Steven DiLeo
Writer – Brad Dare
Researcher – Daniel
Intro music –

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22 thoughts on “The Extremely ANNOYING "Pranks" the World did to WW2 Germany and Japan to Slow them Down

  1. Wurm Schn says:

    That kind of warefare is genious

  2. Jude Jones says:

    I feel like we could’ve included nuking Japan on here as being a minor inconvenience.

  3. extremely careless says:

    Famous German comedian. I gotta call bullshit.

  4. lucas cline says:

    I have a japanese 5 peso philippines note, dated and signed by a G.I., gifted to me one birthday. It's crazy it look very similar to usa notes, same design border style and such, but with brown ink.

  5. Asperger0815 says:

    The laxative thing was a Scheißplan indeed… SCNR 😉

  6. Atomic Tank Girl says:

    Papa, You fought on a Uboat in the war?
    Ja, it's was a shitty assignment.

  7. Kansa City Shuffle says:

    4:27 she’s screwing a marpet

  8. Ramash440 says:

    The brits were making cuckoldry pornography back in the 40s … I don't know about you but there's a joke waiting to be made there.

  9. Josh's Epic Minecraft Videos says:

    Allies: it's just a prank bro

  10. DO KHAO TRAN says:

    I recognise the dog wrestler waltz in the background. The bloody turtle is incredible

  11. 2007350ZHR says:


    Kevin Costner

  12. I spilled my coffee on the floor says:

    So you don't want to touch Norway's sardines.

  13. jeffrey mcfadden says:

    the best prank done to the germans was to have the Italians join them in the war.

  14. KS Germania says:

    Massrape,Massmurder,Starvation was a Prank on the Germans and Japanese.

  15. ALEX HUANG says:

    I need the "smutty" ones for sexual purposes

  16. jack morris says:

    Pranks, yeah… pranks…

  17. TheWardog16 says:

    Can't quite remember, but I think the Dutch Resistance put itching powder into condoms going to German soldiers

  18. Cal Sarman says:

    They where the worst

  19. Phyllis Fager says:

    Read that a polish doc would frequent the bars with the german soldiers buy them drinks and leave fleas infected with the plauge

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