The End The Doors Vietnam War napalm bombing runs


33 thoughts on “The End The Doors Vietnam War napalm bombing runs

  1. Paul Panic says:

    Und das wollen Demokraten sein? Die USA hat eines verdient. Den elften September.

  2. Korisniknovi says:

    This is not napalm.
    This is white phosphorus.
    Whoever approved this should rot in hell even if every single fucking person being incinerated was a fucking commie bastard.

  3. maria elena rodriguez says:

    Qué ensamblaje impresionante entre película & musica !!

  4. Tùng Thanh Nguyễn says:

    lots of war crimes were commited. Hope those who did not regret at killing innocent civillians suffered ptsd

  5. Johan Botas says:

    Well done humanity!! look how much we have achieved… look how much we have destroyed….still destroying..

  6. The US would didn't win because we were just defending the south, if we attacked the north, we would have won.

  7. Spicy Trash says:

    God bless Dupont Chemical Corporation and napalm 🇺🇸🤠

  8. “They teach our children to drop fire on people. But they can’t write ‘fuck’ on their airplane because it’s obscene.”

  9. Constantin Fenceranu says:

    I love the smell of Napalm in the streets of the USA…

  10. Will Lewis says:

    I am sitting in my apartment in Hung Yen Province Vietnam as we speak, the 7 months I have been running our factory here the stench of communism and corruption, the oppression by police and government has forced us to up sticks and move our factory to Mexico. Vietnam getting into bed with China has now brought on US tariffs on Vietnam…….. Glad to leave but will miss the people and the beautiful place

  11. awiesozial says:

    War is old men talking and young men dying. Anybody who volunteers to be in the army deservers to be killed. No one forces you to kill other people.

  12. Ivan The Fool says:

    These planes carried democracy to Southeast Asia. Now they are bringing democracy to the middle East. Especially democracy is valued by children whose skin is burned by Napalm.

  13. David Legault says:

    We will destroy ALL Chinese food stocks, oil, ya cant 't fight hungry a-holes 🔮

  14. Cherubs Of The Galaxy says:

    Were all those positions, points of strategic resistance?

  15. Noah Grüner says:

    One of the thirst things that will always get lost in war is the law of human rights

  16. I like how all the hippies are complaining about the war, dudes our world is the war and our war is the world it is in our Blood! we cant do a shit about that

  17. Derek Thompson says:

    Is Napalm still use in War today or is there something more deadly and barbaric to use on a enemy

  18. marc layne says:

    I volunteered at 17, by age 20, I had a PhD…in Death… in remote Montana…100% PTSD….Napalm, saved us……God Bless DOW chemical…

  19. The MacZ1 says:

    Thank you veterans for serving our country Mia pow that never came home again ty for your service

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