The Doors: "Riders on the Storm" (Soundisciples version) Vietnam War Footage. ArtAlienTV

Jimi Hendrix meets the Doors in this remake of the classic “Riders on the Storm”.
If you ever wondered what the Doors would sound like with Jimi Hendrix on Guitar then look no further. With Vietnam War documentary footage.
Our cover of this classic (album version) was inspired by the vibe of an old Jimi Hendrix bootleg album called `9 to the Universe` that was made of a Jam in a basement and also featured a keyboard player.

Joe White ArtAlienTV: Guitars and Bass
Julian (Gobz) Hill: Keyboards & Drum arrangements
Plus special guest Andy Couzens ( Rock Lord ) on Vocals

Produced by Joe White – ArtAlienTV & Julian Hill at the “Drum & Space Agency” – DASA – Bristol UK.

Soundisciples is a member of the Whores of Babylon bands and projects group.

This song is dedicated to the over half a million men who deserted and dodged the draft during the Vietnam War. Joe White – ArtAlienTV Soundisciples Guitarist.


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46 thoughts on “The Doors: "Riders on the Storm" (Soundisciples version) Vietnam War Footage. ArtAlienTV

  1. Percussion Venom says:

    I'm a music major, and all i have to say is that the arrangement of that song was superb.

  2. Quemielle DuChesne says:

    I love it. It is my era. Tx. Saving this.

  3. Lorenzo Dunn says:

    Excellent film footage and soundtrack.

  4. FOXY LADY says:

    This song and' the end ' the best Doors &. break on trough .

  5. Bruh Moment says:

    This is truly amazing work, thank you for sharing!

  6. Игорь Панарин says:

    Долой пуйло поганое

  7. Robin Rayborn says:

    Music is a very strong trigger for memories. Dreams can also be triggered by music. Hard to get past the dreams

  8. Noiselab Project says:

    This plus my original upload of our track here ( Noiselab Project is also Soundisciple in case u are confused ) now more than – 1/4 million ………………. cool !

  9. pog champ says:

    Riders on the Storm will NEVER get old. like if you agree

  10. david johnson says:

    The old sky pig (Huey)!

  11. Jose Medellin says:

    That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  12. Whores of Babylon (Official) says:

    Sorry, maybe blowing own trumpet a bit here without the need ( cos was involved with this as Whores of Babylon are Soundisciples too ) but seriously this has to be the best cover of this tune that anyone ever did as it`s respectful enough to the original whilst injecting a differint retro slant into it as well ( ie punchier drums and hendrix style additions ) no point in doing a direct copy of the original cos that`s what the original is for innit ? heh heh

  13. omar saavedra says:


  14. Matija Roth says:

    the footage though

  15. Tom Simmo says:


  16. Chrisanthe Kalcanides says:

    ride your train on the tracks and give me extras missionaries. stop it killer road toad

  17. Robert Lytle says:

    I have nothing but scorn for all those who deserted, or dodged the draft. Especially the upper middle class boys and the upper class boys. Today they are solid Americans who fly flags and wear flag lapel pins but when their country called they were too cowardly to serve. That is why I have never flown a flag or worn a flag lapel pin. I don't need the transparent trappings of patriotism. USMC 1969-1971

  18. Sudarshan Rajbhandari says:

    Wondering if these video footage are real or taken from Vietnam war movies

  19. Zarmo P. Fudpucker says:

    My all time favorite Doors song.

  20. Γιώργος Παραθυράς says:

    Πόσο μαλάκες τα 43 unlike..Τί Γη Θεέ μου.

  21. Jay Stone says:

    Bass is to loud!!  Mix better.

  22. Jorge Rivas Nieto says:

    Fue en esta guerra cuando salieron por primera vez los caballos de hierro, benditos caballos de hierro.

  23. robert valderaz says:

    Thanks for my memories of my time as a combat air crewman. Good footage. But this remake was a bit out touch, with what I was then. Nice job.

  24. Carlos David Fernandez says:

    Exelente video !!

  25. Peninnah Marksz says:

    yazidi `woman~sajaAldulamai^aafiaSiddiqui%romans

  26. Bruno Krüsi says:

    j love this song…?!!!!

  27. Dateline April 30, 2005, Trinh Cong Son Park, Saigon: Despite my promise to myself in 1971 never to return to a land of bad memories, life's strange paths led me back for a visit and I ended up staying. On that date, the large family I married into drove to the big Saigon park for a live outdoor concert by Vietnamese musicians and singers. Great performances of classical, jazz, rock, traditional Vietnamese and they had big movie screens set up so everyone could see the stage. I was thoroughly enjoying myself on that beautiful day when about an hour into the performance taped martial music started playing and suddenly on the big movie screens a bunch of Huey's landed in a rice paddy and grunts started jumping out. My mind was getting a tad scrambled when suddenly someone put a chokehold on me and whispered, "Me VC, Me kill you!" and I started laughing as I recognized my brother, a Saigon cop, voice and threw up my hands. We play a lot of practical jokes on each other so now it was my turn.
    It soon struck me what was really going on…we have July 4th Holiday in US to celebrate our Independence from Britain and Vietnam celebrates April 30th as Independence from US. That felt really weird but the Vietnamese show no resentment to Americans, including vets, anymore than we show resentment to the British.
    Anyhow, in my usual long winded way, I described a memory this video kicked off for me. I enjoyed the music as I composed this. The video I can live without. I wouldn't want to repeat the war but I have no regrets…I probably would not have gone to Vietnam if I hadn't been in the war and for the return trip I armed myself with knowledge about history, culture, customs and a smile. Where I once experienced hell, I now experience heaven. Life is more challenging but the friendly people and food far outweigh the negatives.

  28. Bud Parker says:

    It brings back memories of being an Air Cavalry door gunner. We did this all day, every day.

  29. Israel Jesús Ramirez says:

    ….the killer in the road……,😎

  30. Karen Vines says:

    Mars, Eres are war-like, but frogs are natural born healers, warts and all. Myth-makers

  31. David Lunn says:

    bbc news n body bags,

  32. Douglas Easley says:

    Great Sound. Discovered the Doors while I was in Nam. A favorite since.

  33. jlschult45 says:

    Great footage of the F-4 phantoms.

  34. manuel alvarez says:

    al igual que en los sesenta, la frase "yankee go home" está mas vigente que nunca

  35. Jerry Jocoy says:

    Well done on the video and music…

  36. got me there at the beginning.forgot what i was watching.

  37. Christopher Woods says:

    one ! 1967-1985 team life !

  38. Augustus caesar says:

    Just one would have done the job N

  39. sven frahm says:

    SAR search the lost UH-1D SAN NAV Rettungs Helicopter and his Flying Notartzt not Notar Notartzt realy sience first War from thailand to Viednam ID NAM NAV missing in action next time more storys more files

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