The Curious Case of the German and Japanese Cities in America During World War II

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49 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the German and Japanese Cities in America During World War II

  1. Tom Ricklefs says:

    Im trying to figure out when you record what videos on the same day for what channel, but als, i imagine you know how to change shirts. Blaze on

  2. Ray Marshall says:

    Germany F'd around and found out. Germany, just like Japan, found out that when they start something, someone else will hit harder to finish it.

  3. Rau Kenneth says:

    Hell is a truly over populated place.

  4. D Hawthorne says:

    It is too bad the Bat Bomb got canceled. Due to delays on the atomic bombs, it would have actually been completed sooner and since the bombs could be dropped in the morning when most people were awake and able to react the the smoke, there would have been far less loss of life.

  5. Paddy O'Furniture says:

    Interesting? Sure. Correct? No.

  6. I'm boofing it says:

    Oh Yes very Spicy indeed
    Mmmmmmmmmmm indubitably

  7. Richard Small says:

    Many people make the mistake of imposing today's morals on the people back then. By today's standards, carpet bombing would never be acceptable. The mentality of destroying an entire block of people out of existence shows the complete lack of concern, respect, or honor that soldiers of today are expected to demonstrate. While we still have incidents reminding us of the barbarity that is capable in humans, we do not as a society allow for the level of massive collateral damage strikes against civilian population centers as was seen during WW2. Senate Oversight committees, elections, social media … forget about it. Unless the enemy nukes us, we're not using WMD to lay waste to their entire city.

    Back then however, the Allies looked upon the Germans as aggressors who had to be stopped no matter what. And the Japanese had no respect from anyone. Americans were not going to give the same level of self-worth to them as we would ourselves. Especially so after Pearl Harbor. One only has to look at movies and magazines before WW2 to see what America thought of Japan. With Germany, the Allies on the ground grew to respect the German soldiers as some of the toughest men they ever came across. No respect however was ever shown to the Japanese. The Allies called them devils, monsters, and made parodies of them in film during the 50's and 60's.

    So when the issue of carpet bombing came to the war department, Germany was one of gradual change from daylight precise bombing to "AW F**K IT !!!". With Japan however, there was never that reluctance. The war department was always out for blood. General LeMay is responsible for ordering the fire bombing of Tokyo that killed 100,000 civilians and military personnel. The fact that any historical structure in Japan before WW2 still exists is considered lucky. Even those far removed from cities would be strafed at by pilots returning home.

    So please remember, people back then were different. And war is hell. It brings out the worst in each of us.

  8. Riku Lappi says:

    Nazis decided to transport Jewish civilians living in Germany – men, women and children – to concentration camps to be shot, hanged, gased or starved to death. Then they burned the bodies.
    The British and Americans took a shortcut. They decided to burn German civilians living in Germany – men, women, children – alive.

    Who where hanged in Nürnberg? The evil Nazis.

  9. Doug Earnest says:

    I'm thankful the U.S. developed the atomic bomb before the Germans and Japanese, thereby saving millions of lives. (Well, technically, developing it before the Japanese developed one, while shutting down Germany's program through — bombing Germany.)

  10. SUdatsthecalloftheWU says:

    The English VSauce! I am a fan already 👍🏼

  11. Eric Stamps says:

    I believe during the Dresden bombing some of the bombers got off course and dropped their load on Prague, Czech Republic. It was the only instance in WWII of Prague being bombed. Interesting this wasn't mentioned since Blaze Boy lives there.

  12. Jessica Hodges says:

    B.e.S.T f'u''l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's
    L—o—V—e—S—e-X— .❤️⤵️
    TUNYUK :


  13. Down the road after the war at the Nevada Test Site there was another related test. The Bare Reactor Experiment Nevada. Referred to as the BREN tower. An unshielded nuclear reactor atop a 1500 ft. tower. It was designed to measure the amount of radiation the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to. At the time it was the tallest structure in Nevada.

  14. Derek Marlowe says:

    In reply to the inane quote at the very end…'no, it was called trying to win the war'

  15. Littletime says:

    I really appreciate how the presenter remains neutral throughout, sticking to imparting facts bereft of any personal opinions

  16. Bape Ape88 says:

    We germans won't forget this, we won't forgive. We were not liberated.

  17. oldesertguy says:

    It is easy to condemn some things in the light of present-day knowledge and distance from the events. At the time, they literally didn't know what was the best way to win the war, and were very fearful of losing it. We have had decades of research, without a definitive conclusion, on the actual effects of the bombing raids, with access to Nazi and Japanese records, interviews with victims, etc, that the Allies didn't have at the time. I blame the German and Japanese governments of the time for caring so little about their people as to continue unwinnable wars mainly out of egotism and self-interest, with neither caring much for the people they were supposed to be leading. The Nazi and Imperial Japan leadership both wholeheartedly supported atrocities against those they conquered, and when the war was subsequently brought to their door, they continued those atrocities and watched without remorse as their own people were subjected to fire bombings. The war was lost for both Germany and Japan by 1943 at the latest, yet they continued to sacrifice their troops and their populations because of their own narcissism and fear of retribution. I think Bomber Harris was right about reaping the whirlwind.

  18. oldesertguy says:

    I know it's a trivial detail, but the current, most accurate estimates of the death toll in Dresden was 25,000. Some of the inflated figures were gathered by rumor and ill-informed sources, and popularized by a historian that became a Holocaust denier.

  19. Eekon Gamer says:

    Wow english here is hard to catch, so fast

  20. Cyrus The Great says:

    Whats this about i dont feel like watching

  21. justinl458 says:

    I hate germans and Japanese.

  22. Bichael Stevens says:

    "It's not a war crime if we do it, suck it losers!"

  23. Donald Wert says:

    Humans haven't changed much since those days.

  24. ᛞᛖᚾᚾᛁᛋ ᛏᚱᛟᚹᚨᛏᛟ says:

    Coincidenally, the german village consists of some of the most well-built structures in all the United States.

  25. Penny Jupiter says:

    If only someone would area bomb the southern American neo Nazi racists. Start with Georgia.

  26. Patrick Neill says:

    Who owns the land and buildings ?

  27. Justified? Don't start nothing, won't be nothing. Like Churchill said, don't start a war and not expect retribution.

  28. Armita Moscowchi says:

    This is why I say there are no heroes and good guys in a war.

  29. Total war is disgusting.

  30. Christian Williams says:

    I’ve rolled around simons and you can too for 200k

  31. joshua schreiber says:

    As a military veteran bombing just for the sake of bombing and killing more civilians then maybe something of strategic value is a waste of human life and materials granted I understand this was a whole different type of war and way of life back then

  32. David Dickey says:

    why did the March pf the Swiss soldiers become the theme for the lone ranger

  33. Daniel Paterson says:

    Some extremist UK guy: We want to bomb military targets but it's too dangerous for our planes so we will bomb everything
    US: We think that is might be a little extreme and don't really want to bomb civillians
    Also US: Builds replicas of civillian buildings in order to discover the most effective way to level a civillian population and their homes before using that information to kill said civillians and later drop 2 atomic bombs.

  34. shookings says:

    $20/ year for Curiosity stream if yo use Simon's code, but I just used another youtubers code and got Curiosity stream AND Nebula for $15/year.

  35. I Hate Communism says:

    This is one topic that has always made me think about the United States during wartime. We have the most diverse country in the world and people come from all over. I've always wondered how these communities would've felt if we had been at war with their home Country. I would think the majority of them would've been supportive and been willing to stand against the atrocities, but I'm sure that could also be difficult..

  36. Harris and LeMay? LeMay also was part of The Berlin Airlift? Waiting for a documentary on WWII Allied atrocities to keep it real?

  37. 1981menso says:

    If Germany had won the war Curtiss LeMay would have been charged as a war criminal.

  38. Jesus Mind says:

    mass extermination of civilian areas from the air. debate as you want but it is, like CAmbodia, Hiroshima, etc. mass extermination by fire from the air. It kind of sucks if you're on the ground, no work or day care

  39. Baron Bones says:

    In ww1 there used to be some internment camps in the cockatoo Valley
    I seen the old foundations and actually found a few old relics

  40. Patrick Newlun says:

    God bless America! Long live the Republic.

  41. Who would have thought that outdoing each other in cruelty isn't the quick way to victory?

  42. It's your boy with the blaze

  43. Somehow… years later, the Japanese won. Because most of the industry and jobs that were in the U.S. at that time- went overseas… prospering Japan and all of Asia. Back in the day, an American male with an 8th grade education working in a factory could buy a house, cars… etc .. while having three children and his wife stayed home… All of that money and resources has been shipped over to Asia. They won.

  44. P. Enisenvi says:

    "Simon says" to smash that dislike button. So I smash it on every one of his videos.

  45. kirby march barcena says:

    My son didn't understand what the title meant.

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