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At the end of WW2, the Cold War had begun. From Stalin to Reagan, from the Nuclear Arms Race to The Cuban Missile Crisis, from the Berlin Wall to Vietnam and Korea, this is the story of the Cold War. The World would lay divided between two great superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. It would not be a conventional war, with the two sides never directly fighting, instead, it would be an ideological battle between communism and capitalism, the East vs the West and the resulting struggle for ideological influence and power.

Both sides would stockpile nuclear weapons, with questions over how to use, control and eliminate them becoming central to the conflict. The conflict would come to an end when Gorbachev’s reforms, Glasnost and Perestroika began to unravel the Soviet Union itself.

Reformers began to emerge across Eastern Europe, and in 1989 a string of democratic revolutions would see nearly every communist government ousted from power. On November 9th, the most symbolic monument of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, would come down, and Germany itself would be reunited the following year. The Soviet Union would collapse in 1991, dissolving into 15 independent states, a surprisingly quick and bloodless conclusion to the Cold War, a conflict which had dominated international relations for over 40 years.

Timestamps 📽

Intro: 0:11
The Post-War World: 1:06
The Truman Doctrine: 1:59
Germany: 2:53
The CIA: 4:05
China and Korea: 4:54
Khrushchev: 6:13
The Cuban Missile Crisis: 7:47
Vietnam: 9:59
Détente: 11:20
Reagan: 12:35
Gorbachev: 14:18

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