The Battle of Santa Cruz: How the US Navy Beat the Odds | Battle 360 | History

At the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, the US Navy attempts to crush the Japanese fleet, white the Japanese aim to drive Allied forces from Guadalcanal, in this scene from “Bloody Santa Cruz.” #Battle360
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46 thoughts on “The Battle of Santa Cruz: How the US Navy Beat the Odds | Battle 360 | History

  1. Me and billie had jus came back to base wen we saw them attacking

  2. Tambadau Tambunan Channel says:

    Tom hanks should make a movie about the big e

  3. Shota Toriumi says:

    The panoramic siamese pharmacodynamically report because archaeology alternatively wink worth a ludicrous ping. rural, slippery grade

  4. DrThunder88 says:

    Enterprise: "Trinity…help!"

  5. Peter Fraumeni says:

    When you see the history channel on tv it’s nothing but a commercial go round.

  6. Pale Rider says:

    My own uncle John Campbell was a pilot aboard the Hornet. He was shot down at the battle of Midway as part of Torpedo Squadron 8 while attacking the Japanese fleet. He did not survive but the heroic action of that Squadron turned the tide of the battle and led to the American victory!

  7. James Ricker says:

    The Americans actually took heavier losses on the Japanese and had to retreat
    If American torpedoes had actually worked, the battle probably would have gone somewhat different

  8. Keith Snook says:

    We are fortunate the Japanese did not develop early on Kaiten torpedoes for aircraft, or human guided aerial bombs that could be released at high altitudes.

  9. That is why USN was the best and equal force against the Japanese in thr Pacific not the British

  10. Brian Rajala says:

    The history channel was showing trash when I last watched.

  11. Ren Walker says:

    The Legendary Lucky E!!!!

  12. Wouldnt it be the Japanese navy beating the odds for winning this battle? Lol

  13. Annmarie Blanc says:

    I'm Andy not Annmarie and I approve of this post! The loss of the Hornet at the battle of Santa Cruz rests with Admiral Pye he was in charge of the theater at the time. Pye was old-school battleship Navy, what they called black shoe admiral, as opposed to the newer aviation branch of the Navy, called brown shoe admiral! Instead of protecting his carriers, Pye pulled out his battleships and left the carriers vulnerable to attack! He was relieved of command shortly thereafter!

  14. DannyBoy777777 says:

    Why is the title US navy beat the odds? The Americans lost this battle — there is concensus among historians.

  15. Abiy Nesibu says:

    It sad USS Hornet sink in this batte What if USS Hornet did not sink but the big E sinks

  16. SteveMacri says:

    Love history channel

  17. KILLERMANGO8406 says:

    2:14 Rip Dive bomber

    (I wonder if they ever fished out that plane it looked Fine to me)

  18. Desmond The Moonbear says:

    Enterprise when she’s the last one left:
    Naval Command: “You’re the last one standing! The squads counting on you! Finish it!

  19. Andrew Shnayderman says:

    My Great-Grandfather fought in this Battle on the USS South Dakota. He was shot and survived. He passed over a Year ago at 98.

  20. Only Ranger had a smaller chance of surviving.

  21. John Bennett says:

    Yes that was when God was on our side question is is he still on our side

  22. Charles Spurlock says:

    So the aliens were under the water or…?

  23. Enterprise should live forever. Its really a big shame that they scrapped her

  24. lawnmowermanTX says:

    The IDIOTS decided to Scrap the BIG E for what reason? Enterprise should've remained as a warning to all enemies of America. Enterprise should remain as an eternal memorial for the discipline and skill she displayed taking on the Japanese Armada! I'd love to go back in time, save the Enterprise and make her permanently berthed as a tribute museum, memorial ship. For Historic Tours, and respect to those that perished, gave their lives, and fought to the end. AH-TEN-HUT! Salute! 🙂

  25. Triglavian says:

    "You are the last one, complete the mission"

  26. Alan Strong says:

    The Japanese had a formidable navy.

  27. ryan bearden says:

    This is an example as to why you don't kneel during the National Anthem… You are spitting in the face of every man & woman who has put their life on the line fighting for freedom.

  28. Jeff Moore says:

    The vid starts with the dive bombing and torpedoes. Where was the radar and air patrol?

  29. Think about that and then think about how today their bravery and sacrifice is defiled in Portland and Seattle and San Francisco. I makes me fighting mad.

  30. History Channel? Is it even there anymore? they should change the name to Bull—- Channel.

  31. Steven Klinkhamer says:

    Its one incredible story how the carrier Enterprise survived all those vicious attacks.

  32. william paz says:

    Tactically the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands was a Japanese victory, hands down. After Santa Cruz there were no American Aircraft Carriers left in the Pacific. Hornet was sunk, we had lost the Wasp to Japanese torpedoes from 1-19, Yorktown was lost at Midway and the Lexington at Coral Sea. Saratoga had been torpedoed (again) and was under repair; Enterprise was damaged and out of action. The only carriers left in the Pacific were Japanese. But the Japanese air groups had been mauled and the last of the pre Pearl Harbor veterans had been shot down. The Americans had 6 Essex class Fleet Carriers nearing completion and one going through work ups. The Japanese had precisely 1 Fleet Carrier under construction: the Taiho. She would sunk during her first battle. And during the battle the 164th regimental combat team of the US Army had landed on Guadalcanal with a plethora of supplies. That would be enough to halt the attack of the Japanese 2nd (Sendai) Division two weeks later. Guadalcanal would be held and Henderson Airfield would continue to operate. Strategically, Sant Cruz was a costly but worthwhile American Victory.

  33. Honcho Cheetah says:

    The most decorated ship in the navy the Grey Ghost kept bouncing back! This time evading 9 torpedoes while sustaining heavy damage! What a crew!

  34. Ken Summerlin says:

    "A battleship"? Nah. That was the USS North Carolina, aka Showboat. The most decorated battleship in WW2. Enterprises guardian angel.

  35. Samuel Gomez Martinez says:

    Whoring their Women and still call themselves Christian. So shocking

  36. Yngwie Mantiri says:

    So this why they add 7s evadesion on Lucky E perks…

  37. Jeromemanuel716 says:

    I think this was the battle where North Carolina showed how strong her AA guns were.

  38. Twasin Junaed says:

    It’s amazing that Enterprise serves all of those attecs

  39. ATAHUALPA867 says:

    Still standing in NYC harbor .

  40. Amit saroj says:

    Is there 2 santa cruz one at solomon island and other at california ? Where did this battle take place?

  41. Why is the Battle of Midway and the first phase of the Guadalcanal not uploaded?

  42. Chur Bro 81 says:

    Thank you America we would have been speaking Japanese down here in the Pacific if it wasn't for you

  43. Kevin Gast says:

    The guy at the end has khakis on but nothing on his collar. Is he really a naval officer? kg

  44. Military historian Dr. John Prados offers a dissenting view, asserting that this was not a Pyrrhic victory for Japan, but a strategic victory:

    By any reasonable measure the Battle of Santa Cruz marked a Japanese victory – and a strategic one. At its end, the Imperial Navy possessed the only operational carrier force in the Pacific. The Japanese had sunk more ships and more combat tonnage, had more aircraft remaining, and were in physical possession of the battle zone… Arguments based on aircrew losses or who owned Guadalcanal are about something else – the campaign, not the battle.

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