Tet Offensive & Khe sahn vietnam war footage

from the documentary ‘Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam’

21 thoughts on “Tet Offensive & Khe sahn vietnam war footage

  1. Ask The Inclusive School says:

    Great video I wish my channel could have a video as good as this

  2. Fleetwood McDuecen25 says:

    My .308m14 made much better zipper heads than that piece of shit. 223m16.

  3. Quang Trung says:

    58000 lính mỹ to béo chậm chạp
    Phải bỏ mạng lại nơi dân tộc nhỏ bé
    Chiến tranh xâm lược phi nghỉa phải trả giá đăt

  4. Krispy1011 says:

    as usual – the USA media was bad back then and its way bad now!

  5. Frans Property says:

    kalau di film dokumenter asli begini terlihat tentara amerika kebingungan dan kocar kacir …

    kalau di film bohongan hollywood tentara amerika di gambarkan sebagai jagoan perang vietnam ….

  6. Badlaama Urukehu says:

    Like that one coot.

  7. where were all the Hollywood and Washington DC tough guys? Kids that had above average money, were put in college. The rest of us went into the military.

  8. James Shedd says:

    They. Fought hard and our government and country let theses great men down ;;;;as the son of a soldier you deserved better

  9. Charles Parker says:

    no NOT let the libs loose any more wars we are in!

  10. Charles Parker says:

    thank the demacRATS for loosing this war!

  11. Del Lawrence says:

    What a wasteful war, if the aim was to stop the spread of communism to the West they should have paid more attention to what was happening in our schools and universities instead.

  12. adam schmidt says:

    Anyone else hear the dad from home alone read one of the letters think the first lololo

  13. Robertl Quetzalcoatl says:


  14. I feel so sad for all those poor American soldiers. Never trust the American Government!!!!

  15. MG Gailitis says:

    Such a shame that the US leaders were not brought to trial for war crimes.

  16. Wyatt's dad says:

    A movie should be made about this. Made in the style of saving private Ryan and band of brothers

  17. I was a tunnel rat BINH- DUONG

  18. INFO SLIVKI says:

    Dead GI's are not good. Otherways what did they lose in Vietnam?! USA leave the World alone!

  19. James Hamnett says:

    I punched a Vietnam veteran in the eye.and gave him a black eye.

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