Tet Offensive 1968, US Embassy & Saigon fighting

CBS news coverage

25 thoughts on “Tet Offensive 1968, US Embassy & Saigon fighting

  1. Wasted Lives says:

    Did anyone catch the name of the ward where they were fighting in Saigon? Not Chợ Lớn, but the one mentioned before it. It's mentioned just after the 6 minute mark.

  2. BuddsHanzoSword says:

    How about that Civilian who waxed a VC with a pistol? That dude was a hero in my opinion.

  3. El Chico d la Moto Reyna says:

    Aquí fue la gota que rebosa el vaso y desde este momento el gobierno americano sabe que la guerra no se va a ganar tal y como lo estan haciendo y solo piensan en salir del avispero . Les daba igual lo que pasara con los civiles y soldados que lucharon con ellos en realidad les daba ya igual Vietnam , mientras pudieran irse sin dar la impresión de haber perdido , los que se quedaran no era su problema , buena empatía te influyó para una guerra civil ( que es la peor guerra de todas . Lo sé por experiencia , en mi país Spain tuvimos la civil War en 1936 y es hermano contra hermano ) y los dejáis tirados hay estuvisteis mal muy mal

  4. Freidheim of Prussia says:

    0:35 Australian guy: GET OUT (with gun
    Vietnamese: I can't i'm lagging

  5. brody thompson says:

    My grandpa was in Saigon during Tet Offensive, afterwards he and his brigade got sent to these racetracks outside of Saigon to defend against a advancing VietCong forces

  6. Ian Jarrett says:

    The US Marines smashed the Communists in Saigon and Hue during TET

  7. Eric Matkowski says:

    Us could win the war easy invading north but public….

  8. Geloys Pahayahay says:

    im looking for more and longer videos on the US Embassy siege, the ones in youtube are all too short

  9. I need help. The very first clip. Is there any other videos you know of with that clip?? My grandfather is on of the men escorting out the wounded

  10. Old man Goat says:

    Tell me how you know the amount of tons was sneak into Saigon
    Fake news

  11. *breaking character*
    I wonder if my grandfather was included. ARVN unit.

  12. Jose Torres says:

    Respect to the Vietcong for fighting for independence!!! This is what the free world wants!!!!

  13. garge7676 says:

    That Aussie MP looked badass as hell. Ready to kick some VC back to Hanoi!

  14. s p a r k y says:

    No one was the hero

    The U.S.A recruited 18-25 year Olds to fight their war so they can get the resources and money and the soldiers were getting more and more ruthless to the point where they killed all and every enemy no matter who he is or if he is even an enemy and the strict vibe from thier officers didn't help at all but only worsen everything meanwhile the rich, they wanted to keep the lands for themselfs and get as much money as possible but when thier land has been wiped clean they get a new one and they did this so much that after the war the people had nothing while the rich got richer and the poor got poorer

    The Vietcong faught to free Vietnam from the rich and the land and resources were for the people but the methods to "free" Vietnam was killing who is with the Americans civilian or not, taking advantage of their holiday to make it a hell hole, and kidnapping innocent bystanders to make them one with the army

    NO one was the hero

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