Tarakan Island Borneo Pre Invasion Bombardment – WW2 Footage

Pre invasion naval bombardment of Tarakan island east of Borneo prior to landings by Australian troops during WW2. Also shows B24 bombings in the Miri and Sarawak areas.

Public Domain footage clipped from the US Army Signal Corps’ Combat Bulletin No. 56,

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5 thoughts on “Tarakan Island Borneo Pre Invasion Bombardment – WW2 Footage

  1. Tarakan Corner says:

    Re upload for my country history

  2. We are thankfull to those australian troops who fought in the battle against invaders. There was memorial ceremony held by the war veterans 2 yrs ago here in Brunei. Seeing them, I felt their hardship remembering how hard the war they went through.

  3. Unbelievable old footage.

  4. The Student Official says:

    Great. My father worked in Tarakan and I know the town was a stepping stone for Imperial Japanese to invade Netherlands-Indies

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