Tales of Arise: New Party Member Teased, More Combat Footage, & Mascot Revealed? | TGS 2019

The new Tales of Arise trailer shown at TGS may have been short but it potentially revealed a whole lot more than first suspected. New combat footage, a party member teaser, and the possible mascot for Arise are among the new details.

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26 thoughts on “Tales of Arise: New Party Member Teased, More Combat Footage, & Mascot Revealed? | TGS 2019

  1. i hope combat will be more tactical and more combo based like vesperia… instead of button mash like beseria

  2. Please don't let him be a stupid mascot I hate mascots and I hate stupid mascots even more

  3. ninjammer726 says:

    please make more analysis videos on this game asa well as persona 5 royal and project sakura wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cemetery665_TOAO says:

    Yeah, I hope the mascot is like the ones in Xillia 2 (the cat and teepo) or the dog in Vesperia, those are the least annoying ones actually.

  5. Lblueturtle4312 says:

    The ending song of this video made me miss playing Tales of Xillia.

  6. This Random Person says:

    Maybe shionne did a marta, what I mean is shionne "consumed" the red ball and now the red ball is now apart of her just like how marta did that with that red ball in Tales of symphonia dawn of the new world

  7. Trai Harder says:

    So far im really interested in the game. Im new to the series as a whole. But the trailer made me interested to learn more.

    I dont know if there are conventional mages in their world space but if so the new characters clothing looked mage like. Big cowl with the bishop sleeve (where it starts tight then flares out down the arm), magical creature. So maybe they'll be the mage of the party? I hope so at least lol.

  8. HamayaNinja says:

    I really hope the story is good and there'll be a good romance as well that fits perfectly

  9. Masky Falle says:

    1:12 I just realized he isn’t a silent protagonist.

    Thank G O D, I did not want another Ludger.

  10. John Alas says:

    It looks incredible! My wallet and schedule is not ready and I still have to get Vesperia before this comes out 😣

  11. lee woeijye says:

    This and Granblue fantasy Relink, FF7 might be my most anticipated JRPG for 2020. Hopefully we can see more japanese company spend more budget to develop their JRPG game on track in term of the visual graphic especially you Falcom!

  12. Erick reyes says:

    No talking creatures please, I know its a TALES staple.. but please I dont want that owl to talk… I dont want any more BIENFU, TEEPO or MIEU…

  13. Neonblackbeast says:

    2020 bout to make a nigga broke with all these fire games😩

  14. BerserkerNosaj says:

    holy freaking awesomeness! It looks so cool! I love both main characters so far, and I love love love the artstyle, and it's coming out on xbox 1! I couldnt' be more excited!

  15. Eric Johnson says:

    All I want to know is how casters work in this new Tales combat engine.
    Casters are always my favorite party members to play as.

  16. Gaming With Spoons says:

    Who hated Teepo? I died of laughter from that little guy multiple times.

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