World of Warships – Bad Kitty

After she gatecrashed last nights’ WOWS VE Day livestream, I think it’s only appropriate that her…

"'Don't Fear the Reaper'" Combat Footage from LZ X-Ray (Battle of Ia Drang)

Combat footage from the Battle of Ia Drang, November 1965. Since the original footage didn’t have…

Desert Storm Combat Footage

February 27, 1991. /a>

15min/ Tiger Footage pt1 – 8000 Subscriber special – Panzerkampfwagen VI

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Russian Combat Footage – Chechnya 1996

Combat footage from the First Chechen War. Video by: Alexander Sladkov. /a>

Raw Combat Footage – Chechnya, 2001

56th Air Assault Brigade of the Russian Army in combat against Chechen rebels, 2001. Video by:…

Last Second Reserve Chute Deployment Saves Paratrooper Just In Time After Main Chute Became Tangled

Why 879 Men for 45 Tigers?