Vietnam War: Battle for "Hill 943" Part 2 (Combat Footage)

A uninhabited, nameless hill. Only called “Hill 943” because of its hight. Soldiers were given the…

Tet Offensive & Khe sahn vietnam war footage

from the documentary ‘Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam’ /a>

Vietnam War; Combat Assault (Battle with NVA)

Combat footage of a GI battle with NVA forces during the Vietnam War. /a>

Vietnam combat footage taken by soldiers, not media by WolfieRed1 !

Outtakes from documentary Vietnam: Service, Sacrifice and Courage which premiered 11-7-2010 so it is chopped up…

Vietnam War Footage 1969 for more military videos. Warning Graphic Video: This video has some footage of fire fights,…

Vietnam War Footage in Color

Set of Vietnam clips in color /a>

Amazing Real Combat Footage From WW2

Amazing real combat footage from World War 2 (colourized). /a>

1960s Vietnam War, US Soldier Captured, Color Footage

From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to…

Rare Vietnam War Footage

Rare Vietnam War Footage /a>

Vietnam War Jungle Patrol (Combat Footage)

A jungle patrol on the Cambodian border from a soldiers prospective. /a>

Raw Vietnam Combat Footage

A compilation of Vietnam War footage. /a>

[18+ WARNING: GRAPHIC] Real Vietnam War Footage but with The Black Angels

This video is Age Restricted because of the first 20 seconds. Story behind me adding that…

Fierce Vietnam Combat Footage


Raw Uncut Vietnam Footage

unseen vietnam footage /a>