Operation Wandering Soul – Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was SO BADASS (Vietnam War combat, battle footage, music)

This video tells the AWESOME history of the Vietnam War and includes a extremely graphic combat…

The Vietnam War 1945–1975: “Napalm Girl”

Few who have seen Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph could forget the sight of 10-year-old Kim…

Vietnam War; Combat Assault (Battle with NVA)

Combat footage of a GI battle with NVA forces during the Vietnam War. /a>

Shocking Torture Methods Used In The Vietnam War..! – Travelling In Vietnam

Part 9 of my Vietnam adventure consisted of learning more about the Vietnam War at the…

Vietnam War Helicopter Attack Outfit (Combat Footage)

Footage of air crews in battle during the Vietnam War. /a>

Battle for Hue City Raw Combat Footage WITH SOUND

The Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion of the 5th Marines of the 3rd Division, maneuvers against enemy…

1960s Vietnam War, US Soldier Captured, Color Footage

From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to…

Vietnam was BADASS (Vietnam war compilation, clips, music)

Vietnam extremely graphic combat footage montage. This is a compilation of clips and footage from the…

Vietnam War Jungle Patrol (Combat Footage)

A jungle patrol on the Cambodian border from a soldiers prospective. /a>

[18+ WARNING: GRAPHIC] Real Vietnam War Footage but with The Black Angels

This video is Age Restricted because of the first 20 seconds. Story behind me adding that…

DOOR GUNNER THE ELITE Vietnam war music video


Rolling In The Deep Vietnam war music video


THE WAY IT WAS vietnam war music video