A Famous MiG-15 Kill that Didn't Really Happen

In November of 1950, the Korean War was witness to the first jet-vs-jet victory. The initial…

Battle of Kursk (Russian Footage) with Music

Warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT! This video doesn’t belongs to me, music editing does. Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTbCLYFF2eg /a>

Cruiser Stalingrad, WILL FOR VICTORY – World of Warships

Cruiser Stalingrad, WILL FOR VICTORY – World of Warships Stalingrad: 259k damage, 5 ships destroyed –…

Sabaton – Defence of Moscow – Music video! (Cover of Radio Tapok)

Sabaton – Defence of Moscow This is a fan made music video Various WW2 German and…

The Soviets Created the Biggest Tank of WW2 and Saw it Crushed in the Largest Tank Battle Ever

This video is sponsored by World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a free game available…

Desert Storm Combat Footage

February 27, 1991. /a>

Russian Combat Footage – Chechnya 1996

Combat footage from the First Chechen War. Video by: Alexander Sladkov. /a>