Russian Troops Are Fighting Street Battles In Mariupol. March 2022. / COMBAT FOOTAGE [28/03/2022]

Bruh these guys really sporting back to school gear /a>

Ukraine Soldiers Retake Olkhovka In Kharkiv Region / +18 COMBAT FOOTAGE [27/03/2022]

Intense. Damn. UAF seem very motivated. /a>

Combat Footage – Sunday Airsoft Game at A.C.C. filed Constanta Romania 80ppl

Sunday Airsoft game hosted by Airsoft Club Constanta/A.C.C./ Romania. 80 soldiers in total. Bulgaria represented by…

Operation Tidal Wave – A Risky Raid on Hitler's Gas Station

The city of Ploiești, Romania, was better known during World War 2 as Hitler’s gas station.…

Overload 2016 OP Battle of The Gorge – Combat Footage by OPFOR TCD

Combat footage from Airsoft MilSim event Overload 6 OP “Battle of The Gorge” near, Sibiu City,…