Vietnam War – Patrol Extraction 1967 FILM DIRECT

Direct Film Transfer – HD Stock Footage Shot from inside of UH-1D helicopter as it…

Afghanistan Combat Footage Swedish Helmet Cam

Swedish forces make contact with the Taliban in Afghanistan, seen through helmet cam. /a>

TOP 5 TERRIFYING US Military footage

Check the complete videos here: /a>

A Surprisingly Tense Battle Between a U.S. Sub and a Fishing Boat

A fishing trawler may seem like an easy target for a powerful U.S. submarine – but…

Intense Firefight Between Army Company And Taliban Insurgents – Combat Footage

This is combat footage b-roll of 3rd platoon Apache Company 1st Battalion 23rd Infantry Regiment Soldiers…

Afghanistan Combat Footage

Fox Troop 2/3 Cavalry Regiment Logar Province, Afghanistan OEF 14 /a>

COMBAT FOOTAGE Soldiers attack Taliban positions during patrol

Soldiers from 3rd Platoon Apache Company and ANA forces conduct a Patrol following a tip about…

U.S. Navy SEALs & U.S. Army Soldiers Fight to Secure Ramadi, Iraq

U.S. Navy SEAL Team 3, Delta platoon, alongside U.S. Army soldiers from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion,…

Vietnam War Jungle Patrol (Combat Footage)

A jungle patrol on the Cambodian border from a soldiers prospective. /a>

Korean War: Tanks and Patrol – North Chonju, Korea (January 1951)

Signal Corps L11 ADC3687-1 SOURCE: AFCF A-2823—FILMa ARCH & APC MP 726′ ea Silent TANKS AND…