Combat Footage: Air Assault Vietnam

Airmobile soldiers attack NVA positions at the height of Vietnam. /a>

Exploring ww2 trenches and WHAT a find. You wont believe it !

Exploring a lost WW2 location and we come across something AMAZING ! Join us and lets…

Soldiers Encounter Mysterious Monsters in Vietnam War

While fighting the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War, a platoon of US soldiers spotted what…

Desert Storm Combat Footage

February 27, 1991. /a>

U S Marines in Afghanistan Combat Footage

Army, us army, go army, go army, us army ranks, army surplus, americas army, discovery, discovery…

Russian Combat Footage – Chechnya 1996

Combat footage from the First Chechen War. Video by: Alexander Sladkov. /a>

Raw Combat Footage – Chechnya, 2001

56th Air Assault Brigade of the Russian Army in combat against Chechen rebels, 2001. Video by:…