Operation Wandering Soul – Vietnam War

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Iraq War Raw Combat Footage

i am not sure who filmed this but all credits go to them, and visit my…

Operation Hailstone US Navy Attacks Truk Island Naval Action Aerial Combat Footage WW2 w/ Sound

Operation Hailstone US Navy planes raid Japanese at Truk Lagoon / Island. Newsreel video with sound…

Tet Offensive & Khe sahn vietnam war footage

from the documentary ‘Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam’ /a>


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Battleship Aerial Bombardment Demonstration Obsolete Ships – 1920s Vintage Footage General Mitchell

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French Army combat footage in Afghanistan.

21st Marine Infantry Regiment fighting against the Talibans in Afghanistan. This video isn’t originally mine. /a>

Fight for Egypt – WW2 Battle Scenes | Combat Footage | British vs Axis Forces in Africa | 1943

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Vietnam combat footage taken by soldiers, not media by WolfieRed1 !

Outtakes from documentary Vietnam: Service, Sacrifice and Courage which premiered 11-7-2010 so it is chopped up…

INTENSE Afghanistan Combat Footage, IED from Inside Stryker

Aftermath of IED in Panjwai, Afghanistan. Taken in 2012. No life threatening injuries, but it was…

COMBAT FOOTAGE Soldiers attack Taliban positions during patrol

Soldiers from 3rd Platoon Apache Company and ANA forces conduct a Patrol following a tip about…

Vietnam War Footage in Color

Set of Vietnam clips in color /a>

The Wehrmacht – Combat Footage

In remembrance of the German military of World War II. /a>

Vietnam War Helicopter Attack Outfit (Combat Footage)

Footage of air crews in battle during the Vietnam War. /a>