Syrian Tank Allegedly Attacked and Airstrikes (raw footage)

Amateur video obtained from a social media website appears to shows airstrikes and Syrian government tanks coming under attack as Syrian troops and militia push to take Sunni Homs areas.

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27 thoughts on “Syrian Tank Allegedly Attacked and Airstrikes (raw footage)

  1. Ever Forward says:

    There is No Glory in War. War Is Hell. Thats what my Grandfather (WWI) and Father, WWII, who assaulted Omaha Beach told me over and over. Born right after ending of WW2 in a WW2 Factory town, settled by thousands of Vets who fought in Europe and the Pacific, growing up, I never heard any of them talk about the glory of war, just the hell they remember.

  2. Christopher Skipp says:

    Who attacked the tank? Whose jets are these?

  3. محمد محمد محمد says:

    آللهم انصر الجيش العربي السوري

  4. Оззи Озборн says:

    Их бы на завод или в колхоз , молодые , здоровые .

  5. ADIT ADDICTS says:

    That first tank cooking off wasn't from an air strike.

  6. Terry Simpson says:

    Mumbling to Fake Gods usually ends in streets of rubble.

  7. Faisal Khan says:

    I love that how they syrians just destroyed this plane wow love u syria haters fuk off

  8. Michi Pieps says:

    killing for nothing….lol…

  9. Гражданин России says:

    Алла я в бар! Виски купить!

  10. angel asencio castillo says:

    Estan como cabras. Putos extremistas

  11. John Pettibone says:

    The fake news networks did a great job keeping Obama nice and safe. The infidels found a friend to cover up their involvement…now his slow friend has a chance to finish where he left off. Good luck rest of the world, we couldn't stop it.

  12. Gabriel Lander game composer says:


  13. derwolfistda says:

    I can not imagine, the guy was in the tank ! The rocket/missile/grenade came from the back side at 0:07.
    In 0.25 slomo you can see it. Immediately fire comes out of the cannon. Maybe a loaded shell ?
    Or caused by the explosion ? This guy would have had only 4 sec to get out of the tank. In my opinion,

  14. Qibray Golospinkin says:

    МЕКА В КРОВИ молются алахху и убивают как так!!

  15. MrTubbymarshall says:

    Will you fuck off with this allahu akba shit. It’s boring the shit out of me!!!!

  16. Waleed Milek says:

    Who is fighting against who?
    Do you wanna convince people that the Syrian army is killing his own people?
    We don't understand who is fighting against whom?

  17. Евгений Шутенко says:

    Шас 2021 год вот интересно сколько этих бандитов живых осталось

  18. Reyaz Dar says:

    Thanks allaha you make. Me. Muslim…

  19. RACHiD IDRISSE says:

    يظن أنه يحارب بشار ؟!!!
    دواب آل صهيون
    لم يسمعوا إلى نصيحة العجوز
    " ارجعوا إلى الله "
    حتى رآهم العالم يعالجون في مستشفيات آل قردون
    لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم

  20. Steve Borchard says:

    Soviet built tanks. Kind of makes you wonder why we were so worried about a Soviet invasion of the West during the cold war.

  21. First clip That’s not a air strike that’s an isis TOW gtgm hitting the direct side of it

  22. денис ситдиков says:

    Убиваете друг друга, с именем Аллаха на устах. Воевать вам за это вечно…

  23. Karwen Kadi says:

    Bashar is a big criminal Massmurder .


    Syrian and Russian airforce killed children and civilians

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