Syria Combat Footage – Defending Sniper's Hide Against ISIS Attack in Battle Of Raqqa

Since my GoPro was stolen I was only able to record the video with my phone placed in a front pocket of my plate carrier, so obviously the visibility is rather limited. I’ve added some pictures to give you more understanding of what is going on in the footage.

Some days ago, we made a big push towards the Raqqa Stadium in the north-western part of the ISIS capital city.
Arab SDF units hastly established FOBs alongside the western frontline and snipers were called to secure further operations towards west and south. However, because the previous operation was rushly executed and buildings behind us weren’t properly cleared, we found ourselved under heavy terrorist counter-attack.

Daesh fighters used tunnels to flank us from both north and south as well as attack from the back (west). At that time the actual front was heading east/south-east.

We came under heavy RPG and small arms fire. There were machine guns and snipers as well. Pretty much a cluster f*ck as some of the arabs ran away once they realised ISIS is coming. They do that a lot.

I found myself fighting both flanks, front and back of our position as enemy fire was coming from all directions. I had a young YPG fighter with me, however as it was his first day at the front. He did not take it well.

We managed to defend our position killing 14 terrorist and wounding 6, taking one casualtie (female YPJ sniper hit by an RPG) and 4 wounded.

31 thoughts on “Syria Combat Footage – Defending Sniper's Hide Against ISIS Attack in Battle Of Raqqa

  1. "I'm so nervous man…"
    Archer: "Come on, fight it. It's time to be a warrior…"

    I felt like it was also said to me.
    I wanted to join navy and be a sniper. However, I don't know if my parents will even allow me because I'm female. It hurts and the feeling sucks. Just because of my gender I'm being judged… I'm really inspired with the female Kurdish snipers and fighters. I'm inspired by Archer too and his fellow comrades. I'm finding a sign these days if I really should go with this dream. I don't know if this is it…

  2. PlzNo MoreMEMES says:

    "they might send suicide bombers now" damn thats scary To hear

  3. Kelly Wilson says:

    They get an A each for positive attitude. They're of a different breed.

  4. Cedrick Soroysoroy says:

    “Time to be a warrior”

  5. Mondo Bacon says:

    3:34 That piece of wall looks like an angry woman

  6. JC Keepin It Real says:

    The pep talk was real

  7. Sarah Riedel says:

    This person sounds totally at ease killing people which is simultaneously impressive and terrifying

  8. DeadR1ght says:

    Hey look, they made Escape from Tarkov in real life!


  9. Calm asf This is a REAL gangsta the rest just dream and talk about it ..

  10. 🌸 Hakuru15 🌸 says:

    Just read the description, holy fuck

  11. Milad Hussaini says:

    You can see when you kill ? That must be satisfying

  12. LULW Spiros says:

    just who the fuck is this fucking guy, he sounds like a real pro

  13. “We are all nervous”, this means they are still alive. Which by all means the enemy is going to be at the opposite side of the bargaining chip.

  14. Diptiman Gautam says:

    The danger zone call-out…. straight from Archer the animated series. Must be a fan since he calls himself that.

  15. Jay Sison says:

    Never commented back in these days but am here to check on you. Hi!

  16. somebody buy this guy some scope cameras

  17. Dylan Evans says:

    i love how his callsign is Archer and while he’s getting shot at he’s singing danger zone if anyone has seen the show you’ll know what I’m talking about

  18. PeaNutbutter156 says:

    any more channels like this, i like to gather information from different sources. I don't watch any of the media's takes on the middle east because of over exaggeration, fake news, and there lack of being explicit. I like to know what it is actually like, so that i can gather good info on the current states of the middle east.

  19. Putain D' Orange! says:

    The things that amaze me the most is that how do he get that many understanding of the situation.
    I mean i would just hide while understanding nothing.

  20. Spitfire Boi says:

    May God bless you brother!,kill the ISIS

  21. عبداللة محمود says:

    سورية تحديد

  22. عبداللة محمود says:


  23. Ronaldo Mota says:

    He killed someone and he says he hungry wants some chicken Lol

  24. Alejandro Ayora says:

    love seeing my favourite rifle put to good use, as it was intended for, just thank you so much!
    I'm a big dragunov enthusiast.

  25. Question: you said that you guys took a casualty, right?

    Is she dead or doing alright, what's the deal?

  26. Mazrim Taim says:

    You're confidence was probably the best thing for that nervous guy. And thanks for killing ISIS scum

  27. Joel Montgomery says:

    What cunt stole your gopro? Mean bastards

  28. War is disgusting and horrible. I hope that country sees peace soon for everyone's sake

  29. carmotoafroboy afrofrpleu says:

    Za nie długo dostaniesz prostu w głowie

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