Syria Combat Footage – Defending Sniper's Hide Against ISIS Attack in Battle Of Raqqa

Since my GoPro was stolen I was only able to record the video with my phone placed in a front pocket of my plate carrier, so obviously the visibility is rather limited. I’ve added some pictures to give you more understanding of what is going on in the footage.

Some days ago, we made a big push towards the Raqqa Stadium in the north-western part of the ISIS capital city.
Arab SDF units hastly established FOBs alongside the western frontline and snipers were called to secure further operations towards west and south. However, because the previous operation was rushly executed and buildings behind us weren’t properly cleared, we found ourselved under heavy terrorist counter-attack.

Daesh fighters used tunnels to flank us from both north and south as well as attack from the back (west). At that time the actual front was heading east/south-east.

We came under heavy RPG and small arms fire. There were machine guns and snipers as well. Pretty much a cluster f*ck as some of the arabs ran away once they realised ISIS is coming. They do that a lot.

I found myself fighting both flanks, front and back of our position as enemy fire was coming from all directions. I had a young YPG fighter with me, however as it was his first day at the front. He did not take it well.

We managed to defend our position killing 14 terrorist and wounding 6, taking one casualtie (female YPJ sniper hit by an RPG) and 4 wounded.