Surviving the Largest Naval Battle in History | Battle of Leyte Gulf

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During the U.S.-led invasion of the Philippines in October 1944, a fleet of Japanese battleships attempted to run the 47-mile Surigao Strait in an effort to spoil the Allied landing at Leyte Gulf, but United States 7th Fleet Support force and the USS Melvin with Phil Hollywood onboard were standing in their way.


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Surviving Kamikazeโ€™s and the Battle of Surigao Strait

28 thoughts on “Surviving the Largest Naval Battle in History | Battle of Leyte Gulf

  1. But do you sink a submarine??

  2. Kriza Ruiz says:

    Im from surigao there is a battlle of surigao strait museum and it has exact time of what happened :>>>>

  3. Erik Kirk says:

    I wish/hope schools would show videos to kids currently in school to put faces and names with the stories of the courage of the the greatest generation.

  4. Jeman Resane says:

    Thank you!! For all the ww2 veteran your a HEREOS!!

  5. Randy Bak says:

    My dad, Michael Bak jr QM 1st Class, was on the bridge of USS Franks DD554 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf off Samar – Was in the same destroyer squadron as the USS Johnston – ended the war with 9 battle stars

  6. Charlie Wood says:

    I want to use this as in example you see how women don't want to sign for us men to join the military women will never understand that as men it is our duty to serve our country and even die for our country

  7. Rip Off Productions says:

    Thanks!Pilipino ako

  8. BURT THE BEAST says:

    Thank you Sir…..

  9. God bless all of you Sir.

  10. TheWhiteDeath says:

    What is aarp exactly?

  11. RetiredGuy Adventures says:

    Why do you show at 2:06 an Adams class DDG from the Cold War when making a video about the Battle of Leyte Gulf during WW2. I'm a Navy vet and am kinda particular about that stuff…

  12. David Grace says:

    My uncle Harold fought in this battle.

  13. sun spots T says:

    To protect your country and family is part of nature,modern warfare is unnatural๐Ÿ˜Ž

  14. BulletSalad392 says:


  15. Classic FUSO RNG missing all the time! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  16. Blue Marshall says:

    Thank you sir!!!!!!!

  17. John Adriane Yuipco says:

    Im From Surigao

  18. We can never thank the men & woman enough for the sacrifice they made for us .The world as we know it is because of them .Anyone who answers the call to serve their country i thank you we all thank .I stand fast & Salute you .

  19. Digitalandscape says:

    Why are this stupid people killing each other in this beautiful earth.

  20. Kikai Blah Blah Blah says:

    I thank you all for freeing my birthplace, Surigao City. Thank you for protecting my ancestors.

  21. Commander Shepherd says:

    Wars will never be fought with such brutality and scale again. EVER….unless by some chance an all out, every nation nuclear war takes place in the near future. In that case, humans'll go back to beating each other down with sticks and stones as Einstein predicted.

  22. Tony Trotta says:

    USS LOUISVILLE CA- 28 Heavy Cruiser
    Greatest Sea Battle โ€“ Surigao Strait
    Give Credit To The Cruisers Not the Battleships
    From my diary and the Louisville Man of War Book this story should set the records straight
    that the cruisers proved their weight in gold not the battleships like so many stories told.

    It was October 24, 1944 aboard the flagship heavy cruiser U.S.S. Louisville CA-28 with the
    7 th Fleet โ€“ Battleship/Cruiser Force Task Group 77.2 with Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf
    aboard. I was a 20 year old seaman 1st class assigned to portside 20 mm anti-aircraft gun crew by turret B โ€“ 8 inch gun. I had a ring side seat to the greatest naval battle ever.

    The U.S. Fleet consisted of:
    6 Battleships
    4 Heavy cruisers (Louisville CA-28 Flagship)
    4 Light cruisers
    24 Destroyers

    At about 3:15 a.m. we stared to close in and were given the range of the Japanese ships. The
    Louisville opened first at 3:50 a.m. with her 9 โ€“ 8 inch/55 cal. main battery guns. The second time she fired the 8 inch guns she scored a direct hit and other cruisers and battleships opened up โ€“ lighting up the night. The โ€œLady Louโ€ as she was known, main battery fired over and over shaking the 600 foot ship from bow to stern.
    The Japanese ships were caught by surprise and were all a blaze. (Crossing the โ€œTโ€ with no way out for Japan).

    At 4:00 a.m. a Japanese destroyer tried to make a run on us and our 5 inch/25 cal. and main
    battery 8 inch guns opened up on it โ€“ sending death and destruction to sink it. When the battle
    was over in 15 minutes the Japanese ship losses were:
    2 Battleships
    5 Cruisers
    7 Destroyers

    The U.S. ship losses were:
    Destroyer Albert Grant hit but not sunk.

    During the battle the Louisville fired more main battery 8 inch shells than the total of all calibers fired by the (6) battleships โ€“ from (Man of War).
    The Louisville fired (37) salvos โ€“ 9 โ€“ 8 inch guns fired for a total of (333) – 8 inch shells.
    The โ€œLady Louโ€ was honored for this by Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf.

    I felt I had to write this article from information from my diary and Man of War โ€“ U.S.S. Louisville CA-28 book because documentaries and stories like Sea Classics always seem to give most credit to the battleships. I and others who read my story will know what really happened. Give credit to the cruisers for the greatest sea battle.

    The total shells fired per battleship:

    US Battleship Ammunition at Surigao Strait
    Ship Capacity Total On-Board AP HC Rounds Expended
    (all AP)
    West Virginia 800 375 200 175 93
    Maryland 800 685 240 445 48
    California 1200 318 240 78 63
    Tennessee 1200 664 396 268 69
    Mississippi 1200 744 201 543 12
    Pennsylvania 1200 453 360 93 Did not fire
    Data from "Two Ocean War" by S.E. Morrison.

    The Cruisers fired well over 2000 rounds of 6 inch and 8 inch shells.
    U.S.S. Louisville fired 333 rounds of 8 inch shells.

    I am 92 years old now and will always be proud to have served my country and duty on the U.S.S. Louisville with the great crew that we had and the many I still look forward to seeing at the reunions. God Bless our servicemen and women โ€“ past and present!

    By: Enrico Trotta
    Served aboard the USS Louisville CA- 28
    From 1943-46 as a S1c
    20 mm AA gun crew

  23. Tony Trotta says:

    Battle of Surigao was a night battle at about 3:15 a.m.
    My dad who is 92 years old was on the flagship USS Louisville CA 28 with Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf.

  24. Marina Capri says:

    The Greatesr Generation. They gave all they had and they got the job done! Thank you!ย I wish the polititions today understood how to deport themselves the same.

  25. Phil Skelton says:

    the greatest generation

  26. Zhaydi Yvonni says:

    Thank you for your sacrifice for my freedom. TOP ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜‡

  27. Thank you so very much for everything you did for your country, putting your life on the line. YOu are a huge hero in my mind and heart and life. I will forever be grateful. God bless you and yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

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