Surrender Of German U-Boats: World War II (1945) | British Pathé

This silent footage from 1945 shows the surrender of German U-boat submarines at a port in Lisahally, Northern Ireland.

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Previously listed as “SUBMARINE BASE”. Unissued / Unused material.

The surrender of German U-Boat submarines U802 and U826, Lisahally, Northern Ireland.

M/S as aeroplane flies overhead. M/S ship passing with crew onboard. Various shots of British submarines and their crews in base or sailing.

Admiral Sir Max Horton inspects the boats.

Note: events took place 14 May 1945.

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11 thoughts on “Surrender Of German U-Boats: World War II (1945) | British Pathé

  1. chris osieczanek says:

    My Mom’s brother served on U-Boats from 1940-1942 . He was lost on his 4th war patrol . She said he was the most wonderful , funny guy you could ever imagine , but put country first , himself second . He was NOT a Nazi , few common soldiers were . War is such an evil waste . When will we learn ?

  2. john thompson says:

    The Germans should have gone down with the u boats all of them ☠️ wolf pack

  3. senu skaria says:

    One of the best youtube channel in the world… Love from India

  4. Patrick McKenna says:

    I like seeing both sides here, but the german crews had a mentality they were resigned to die in those boats. amazing footage.

  5. Peter Gambier says:

    My Grandpa Captain Robin Gambier can be seen at 1:28 and was present at the signing. My father has an ariel view of the entire U-Boat fleet.
    Years later, in 1988, whilst quite drunk at a Bavarian strong bier festival I met by chance, a very cute Bavarian lady, we married, had 2 kids and have been together ever since.

  6. Chloe wilson says:

    I felt that was so good when the officers saluted them. Different breed of man back then. My grandfather served in both world wars. My mom was stationed in the WAVES in London. She was a PRN at the time and did a stint in Germany for 3 mos. My grandfather broke his leg. The English drs., fixed it and he was on his way. He was captured and the Germans offered to fix his leg and they did to perfection. Never a bad word was said against the Germans, ever, in our home.

  7. spaxspore says:

    All sunk during operation deadlight post war.. what a waste.

    94 conventional German U-boats were scuttled during Operation Deadlight, they were of types IID, VII, IXC and IXD.

  8. Daseiserneskreuz says:

    Great to find this footage… I have the actual Chief Engineer's technical handbook taken from U826 when she surrendered at Loch Eriboll in 1945.

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