Sunken WWI German Battleship Raised: SMS Hindenburg (1924) | British Pathé

The SMS Hindenburg, a sunken German WWI battlecruiser, is raised from the Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, Scotland in 1924.

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(FILM ID:350.22)
Note: please also refer to SUCCESS AT SCAPA FLOW – G 1099 and DER TAG – 1924 SCAPA FLOW – G 1102. AH 2000.

Scapa Flow, Orkney, Scotland.

Title: “August saw the first of the German Battleships raised after years of unremitting toil … ”

M/S of workmen using spades to remove seaweed and algae from a sunken battleship raised from the sea bed. Point of view shot from a vessel sailing past the raised ship in dock, the workmen on deck fly a red ensign flag from the bow.

A few seconds of spacing follow.

Intertitle: “Defeat … in the moment of Victory. A big list and sudden spell of bad weather prevents the salving of the ‘Hindenburg’, when success was almost assured”.

L/S of a German World War One battleship that has been raised from the seabed, it is tilting awkwardly on its side, salvage vessels are on either side of it. M/S of the battleship. Various shots of the battleship taken from different angles.

Intertitle: “Back again to her Ocean bed – till next Spring!”

Panning shot of the ‘Hindenburg’ slowly sinking back to the bottom of the sea.

Several seconds of spacing.

Intertitle: “SLOWLY, BUT VERY VERY SURELY. ‘The Hindenburg’ – mighty Flagship of scuttled German Fleet – is being raised, a tribute to tenacity and skill of Messrs. Cox & Danks & their Salvage Staff”.

Point of view shot from a moving vessel of a floating dock. Panning M/S of cranes on the floating dock – presumably for raising sunken vessels. Low angle shot of two men waving from the top of a mast. L/S of men waving from the mast, tilt down to show a salvaged battleship.

M/S of a deep sea diver being lowered over the side of the vessel. Various shots of the divers in the water near the half submerged salvaged vessel, we see them entering the vessel through a broken porthole. C/U of the divers coming out of the vessel. M/S of the diver being helped out of the water into the salvage vessel, nearby a man stands on the gun of the salvaged battleship. C/U of one of the divers having his helmet removed. L/S of the battleship, a picture frame has been superimposed over the image.

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