Sun Tzu – The Art of War Explained In 5 Minutes

The Art of War is the most influential treatise on war ever written, consisting of 13 chapters each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it has shaped the way in which conflicts have been fought for thousands of years from the Japanese samurai to the Napoleonic war. Not only has the book influenced military commanders and generals all over the world, it has had resounding effects on politics, sports and business to this day.

In this video, we give key examples of Sun Tzu’s most influential philosophies and strategies. These range from the Vietnam War to the coasts of Normandy in 1944.

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45 thoughts on “Sun Tzu – The Art of War Explained In 5 Minutes

  1. The Life Guide says:

    Thanks for watching! 😊Remember to Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed the video and stay posted on our Community Page for future videos. What's your favourite Sun Tzu quote? Comment down below and let us know! “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”Sun Tzu

  2. T̵r̴e̵e̸ says:

    "If fighting is sure to result in Victory,
    Then you must Fight!"

    -Sun Tzu

    And i'd say that he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do pal becuz he invented it!
    And then he perfected it so that no living man could best Him in the Ring of Honor!
    Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth and then he hearded them onto a boat and beat the Crap out of every single one!
    And that day forward anytime a bunch of animals are together in one place its called a zoo!

    Unless it's a farm!

  3. SuperLisalis says:

    This is next on my book list, Thankyou for the heads up, very interesting.

  4. Buddy Ramirez says:

    Water is not wet

    -Son Zoo

  5. Buddy Ramirez says:

    “If you ain't first, your last”

    -Sun Tzu

  6. Matthew Giron says:

    I dont even want to know where all these quotes came from

  7. BernicoDarkBlue says:

    Gosh the amounts of Techno reference made by people with Roblox pfp is uncontrollable

  8. BernicoDarkBlue says:

    I swear future Napoleon would watch this video to win a huge battle someday

  9. Space Tardigrade says:

    Get this guy to half a million subscribers, he deserves it.

    -Sun Tzu, the art of war

  10. Dunkin' Zionism says:

    Life guide please read up on what happened around non-aggression pact between USSR and Nazi germany or else just shut the fuck up. USSR tried to form anti-fascist alliance wirh Britain, Poland etc against nazi germany.

  11. Bored Kh4nt says:

    ချစ်နိုင်(စိတ်ဝေဒနာ)ရဲ့စာအုပ်တွေကိုအထင်ကြီးနေတာ sun tzu ရဲ့စာတွေကိုဘာသာပြန်ရေးပြီးလုပ်စားနေတာပဲ :3

  12. WorldLie The A.I. says:

    So sun tzu is an offline raider.

  13. Justin Cholo S. Balisang says:

    "Spank the flank."
    – Sun Tzu, probably.

  14. Periodic Dragonflare says:

    "Geneva convention? More like Geneva suggestions"
    -Sun Tzu art of war

  15. Aqua Fyre says:

    'The best way to win a war — is to eat dumplings' — Kung-Fu Panda

  16. Hulk Timberlake says:

    One of my favorite books

  17. nidhal hafeez c says:

    "Don't think it's just a fart"
    Sun Tzu – The Art of War

  18. Deni Deni says:

    2:26 this quote is even in birth of the dragon.

  19. Kaan Yazganoglu says:

    You must train 1 million year if you wish to defeat me
    -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  20. StaRacer94 says:

    “Just start a cobblestone monster”

    – Sun Tzu

  21. Илия Макаров says:

    "Dont get high on your own supply."
    Sun Tzu

  22. Илия Макаров says:

    "I am funny how? Like I am a clown, like I am here to amuse you? How the fuck I am funny?"
    Sun Tzu

  23. Илия Макаров says:

    "Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut."
    Sun Tzu

  24. Илия Макаров says:

    "First rule of the Art of War is: You do not talk about the Art of War!"
    Sun Tzu's alter ego

  25. Илия Макаров says:

    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
    Sun Tzu

  26. Илия Макаров says:

    "My name is Tzu. Sun Tzu."
    Sun Tzu

  27. Dicacious says:

    I'm only watching this for two reasons:
    -Fire Emblem

  28. Ehe Te Nandayo says:

    If only i could summon him in fate

  29. "You'll get b*tches on your D if you get rid of that yee yee ass haircut"
    -Sun Tzu

  30. Harish Babu M says:

    This comment section is full of jokes

  31. flecko XD says:

    "never gonna give you up"
    -Sun tzu, the art of war

  32. Martin King says:

    Korean: sun tzu is Korean. 😏

  33. Jack HandMa says:

    "Why is the comments full of joke Sun Tzu quotes?" – Sun Tzu

  34. Joe Momma says:

    The Americans left VN after curb stomping them for a decade due to political pressure from people in the USA. This idea the vietnamese had a steel resolve is horse shit. Ignorant peasants were sent to die to keep the ruling class in Hanoi in power.

  35. Jake Ruwe says:

    Dude this is totally kung fu panda playing in the background

  36. The Otaku Guy says:

    "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…"
    – Sun Tzu

  37. PNB Gaming says:

    “I came I saw “- sun tzu

  38. theyoutuber says:

    "I'm an alien in human flesh"
    – Sun Tzu

  39. Sneaky Sneako says:

    "You stole my kill."
    -Sun Tzu

  40. ollopdaerb says:

    "switching guns is faster than reloading"

    -sun tzu the art of war

  41. RKT LEGENDz says:

    “ You are as clumsy as you are stupid!
    – Sun Tzu

  42. Pangeria micronation says:

    “Bazinga” Sun Tz- the art of war

  43. NKVD Agent says:

    “Defend the plantation prepare for cremation”- General William Sherman

  44. NKVD Agent says:

    “Bro, just win, that’s it. Losing is hella gay man.”- Sun Tzu

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