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42 thoughts on “Submarines | World of Warships

  1. Pingsteal says:

    I can't overstate how badly I want to test these.

  2. Adolf Hitler says:

    Showing some normal submarines would have been a good start.
    Maybe just me, but those things are nasty looking.

  3. CuppaJoe1 says:

    Yes but they are not out yet, and I WANT THEM!!!! (Sry for caps, I am really excited for subs.)

  4. Roberto Felipe Danilov Luna says:


  5. RumboaCherburgo says:

    Today 2019 / 09 / 19

    First year!

  6. 09. Dhanakorn Sripusitto (Ben) says:

    i want warship have deep water mines

  7. ThatOne Guy says:

    Wow:Submarines are coming into wor…
    Wow: it’s a free ga…

  8. Channel is moving soon! new channel Turbo the ship says:


  9. Still waiting. July 2019…

  10. LeckMichImArsch says:

    Dear WG devs, please stay historically accurate and don't make your submarines look like some weird Borg ship from Star Trek. The U-boats should be as beautiful as they were in the real world.

  11. PixlProps says:

    Looks like a operations, with the instalations on the shores. I hope this will not be added to the random battles though. But it might be, since you people have a habbit of making more stuff instead of fixing current stuff.

  12. I think submarines are a great idea, but I want all the game to be historical and realistic

  13. max buckner says:

    this is a Halloween event fluffed as fake news

  14. Prantik Chakraborty says:

    whats the name of the background music for the first half of the video?

  15. Triple D Draiks says:

    is this a joke? with a professional player, 1 submarine can kill the whole team.. please make ships use new type of weapons that can attack those submarines..

  16. Triple D Draiks says:

    is it me or that map and everything in it, came from 2100? its so futuristic.. my ship is Ancient wth?

  17. seems a little unfair all the sub has to do is dive to avoid damage.

  18. I’ve avoided installing World of Warships because I can’t stand microtransactions. But if subs make it into the game. . . I might just have to give it a legit try.

    Based on the mechanics in this demo video vs. historical accuracy, it seems these subs are too maneuverable, too fast below water, have extremely generous hp, submerge too quickly, and have too limited time underwater. It would be neat to see not just torpedos but using the single AA gun and main deck gun that most of these u-boats in WWII would have. WWII u-boats were truly glass cannons: massive damage potential, but tiny hp.

    As a hardcore CS player for over a decade and I love high skill ceilings. If u-boats come to World of Warships, please make them hard to play, but satisfying when you get it right.

  19. Sanjay Subhas Kumar says:

    How about slow submerging subs with guns just like the old ones and destroyerys and some cruisers with depth charges?

  20. Darth Vader says:

    how do other ships destroy them?depth charges?

  21. deathbunny says:

    i remember you guys syaing subs were impossible and was a terrible idea for the game now look

  22. Carl Moca says:

    Plz add depth charges and sonar

  23. Crazy Gaming says:

    will there be a time modern warships come?

  24. • Ineedtoupload • says:

    You should’ve done more regular submarines but still pretty good

  25. Darwinian Bonobo says:

    Steampunk submarine!

  26. Mister Nobody says:

    After playing it I can see why they never put them in the game. It really doesn't work all that well.

  27. How to get a submarine

  28. Balázs Benkes says:

    What a nice prank 😑😑

  29. This looks like it could be realy good or terrible, which means WG will make it terrible with powercreeped Submarines.
    These "free" games from Wargaming is by far the most expensive and PTW games I've ever played since "FTP" started as gimmick withing gaming world.

  30. Patrick Guinnane says:

    what is the recharge time for submerging?when will this appear in the game?

  31. What platform game is this? PC or phone?

  32. please add iona from arpeggio of blue steel

  33. Carlo Bassetti says:

    So… how we will stop them, if (as seen in the video) they go underwater and become essentially invulnerable?

  34. Doubledeepfried says:

    Let me guess, if you pay you have heatseaking torpedo's that have +5km range?

  35. Дмитрий Устименко says:

    што это

  36. Michael Steyaert says:

    I want history submarine not Halloween submarine. I'm still not gonna install

  37. Туьполев Илйущин says:

    !WOS! World of Submarines…

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