Stalin's speech at the parade November 7, 1941 (1941) documentary

November 7, 1941 at 8 a.m. on the Red Square in Moscow began a military parade on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution. A parade was held during the Battle of Moscow, when the front line was a few dozen kilometers from the city.

With the enemies at the gates, in an incredible show of normalcy, the annual October Revolution parade on Red Square still took place. Usually the Minister of Defense would deliver the commemoration speech on Red Square, however with the situation in the country dire, and the Soviet people fighting for their very survival, Joseph Stalin gives the speech to rally the troops in 1941. After this parade there would be no parades again on Red Square until 1 May 1945.

Stalin’s speech at the parade November 7, 1941 (1941) documentary

Genre: Documentary
Production Co.: Tsentralnaya Studiya Dokumentalnikh Filmov (TsSDF)

Director: Leonid Varlamov
Cinematografy by Mark Troyanovsky, Ivan Belyakov