Spitfire Gun camera actual combat footage – Battle of Britain – RAF

They called them Spitfires.The clue is in the name.

Actual combat footage of aerial warfare. World War 2.
This is not a political film. Battle of Britain tittle for search purposes.

(includes some from Hurricanes and USA 8th)

37 thoughts on “Spitfire Gun camera actual combat footage – Battle of Britain – RAF

  1. 2010: When this music was mandatory on all Youtube videos.

  2. Vacuum Fire Radio says:

    Dad was an armourer…72 squadron….

  3. Music from requirm for a dream.is also very fitting for this great vid!!

  4. Pete Andrews says:

    Let's take a second to appreciate the bravest and most skilful group of pilots in any wartime arena. If not for these glorious " few" the world today would be a much different place. Special mention too to R. J. Mitchell who designed the Spitfire and to Sydney Camm who designed the Hawker Hurricane ( which actually had more " hits " in battle)

  5. Ghost 610 says:

    mostly p47 footage i believe

  6. Ian Miles says:

    shooting up canal boats, trains in the snow and staffing raids in Normandy. Hardly BoB and unlikely even to be Spitfires.

  7. welshpete12 says:

    pity about the music

  8. Alan Incardona says:

    Last time I saw a spitfire close up was in 2013 at a air Show at geneseo ny. The group out of Hamilton On brought it a Hurricane, P40 and there Lancaster. The Spitfire was beatiful, as were all the group's aircraft. That had to be one of the most beautiful planes ever made.

  9. Michael Naisbitt says:

    A Luftwaffe, s pilot nightmare come true to glance at his mirror and see it filled by the image of a Spitfire talk about stress

  10. awizardalso says:

    I'm in the USA, and have respect for the British and what they did in WWII, I'm also glad that the United States stepped in to help the British win the war. I find it sad that Hitler destroyed his own country by being defeated going up against something he never imagined.

  11. nixonsmateruby1 says:


  12. Robert Cawley says:

    They were so young those wonderful boys ,thank god for the Spitfire and the Hurricane , I served in the RAF
    at a time when I was able to see and meet some of my heroes.

  13. david tozer says:

    FOR THE FEW !!!! RESPECT !!!!

  14. eugenio camporato says:

    They called It Spitfire we call It LEGEND. Love from Italy

  15. Icarus Airways says:

    My father, 5th Air Force, 380 Bomb Group, B-24J Gunner, 27 Missions.

  16. reginald burks says:

    Most of this is not BOB and most American combat footage

  17. fiveways bath says:

    When the great god Zeus wanted to destroy man…He had first to make him mad.

  18. Res Non Verba says:

    Incredible footage from and of the most beautiful and important planes in history.

  19. Alot German planes being shot up looks like FW 190s

  20. Timothy Terrell says:

    Sad and grim. Video footage of men killing men for political purposes. History is repeating itself.
    People who are grabbing for power at any cost. The cost is human life.
    How many millions will it be this time? 10 50 100 million?
    Will there be anyone left living at all?
    Let us all look to ourselves and ask am I the cause of this situation?
    Look hard and long.

  21. Randall Isaeff says:

    Just came across this. Brilliant! Great to see the workers who built the Spitfire being given their due. Anyone who enjoyed this video should listen to the BBC’s podcast, “Spitfire: The People’s Plane.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w13xtv79/episodes/downloads This podcast series tells details of the men and women who designed, built, and flew the Spitfire, in superb and fascinating detail.

  22. Dave lewis says:

    So beautiful and touching. I for one will forever be in these selfless and brave airmen and women aside all the ground troops in there debt . Without there sacrifice I doubt we’d have the life and freedom we have now 💪 . “ Lest We Forget “ 🙏❤️

  23. Johnny Fire says:

    I think reality is wherever our Consciousness happens to be in this life and time. Maybe I’ll die and then be reborn in Britain in 1922. Maybe I’ll be born again in New Zealand in 7700 bc. Maybe I’ll be reborn in 2336. Who knows ? Maybe, or hopefully I should say, I’ll get to go to Heaven snd meet Jesus. Or maybe I’ll pass away and there will be nothing at all just like before I was born in this life….. Sll these scenarios are profoundly awesome in thier own way. One thing is for sure, we will see

  24. Willem Bester says:

    "Never before,in the history of human conflict,has so much been owed,by so many,to so few Polish and Cheko-Slovakian fighter pilots who volunteered for the RAF and won the BoB for us."

  25. Greg Hawthorne says:

    My Grandma worked at the Canadian Power Boat factory in Montreal Canada, building Plywood parts to be sent to Downsview assembly plant that would become DeHaviland Mosquito fighter Bombers

  26. ken reece says:

    Excellent effort. Thank you . SPITFIRE. What a magnificent airplane. Rolls Royce engine.

  27. fly bobbie says:

    When a former flight instructor of mine passed away his wife brought in a box of stuff. In the box were manuals from WW2 and reels of gun camera footage. I never knew what happened to them. The chap was a Spitfire and Mustang pilot. Later my flight examiner and fellow instructor.
    Always think of these chaps, knew a few, Battle of Britain, my birthday.

  28. gareth Croson says:

    Great video. Godawful music.

  29. Toby Taylor says:

    Most clips aren't even raf, let alone battle of Britain

  30. great gun camera footage………It could have come from any fighter.

  31. Thank you for putting this together and paying respect to the men and women who made these fine planes❤

  32. Jeffrey Edwards says:

    Terrible music.

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