Soldier's Way of Life | Combat Footage


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14 thoughts on “Soldier's Way of Life | Combat Footage

  1. arionilsonodin ari says:

    and, every all of the first tier, never forget, how the fight against the fanatics groups

  2. MR.SQADAK says:

    Awesome video!🔥Oraz fajny Polski smaczek💪

  3. KzS Poseidon says:

    03:25 – that's the definition of spray and pray 😂

  4. Victor Silva says:

    You deserve a lot more views man, this is by far the best military video that I ever saw.

  5. CMP Production says:

    Great as always!!! 😉

  6. NinjaKidCH says:

    That was some raw stuff, great video man!

  7. Brasil Operacional says:

    Insane ! 💀

  8. The Danish Patriot says:

    Great video bro, love your work!

  9. Manthy Production says:

    good my friend !

  10. Karwasz Barabasz says:

    why this music..

  11. fr0zeNstriKe says:

    That was intense

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