Soldier Braves Gunfire in Attempt to Save Friend | The Battle of Tal Afar

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In search of a meaningful career, Gary Villalobos was inspired to join the Army. He reached the rank of sergeant first class and in 2005 was deployed to Iraq. In the midst of the war, Gary led a group of soldiers on a dangerous raid and in the process learned the meaning of sacrifice and heroism. He was awarded the Silver Star for courage under fire and heroic actions while fighting to save his friend and lieutenant during the Battle of Tal Afar.


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46 thoughts on “Soldier Braves Gunfire in Attempt to Save Friend | The Battle of Tal Afar

  1. Christopher Keys says:

    WOW! Goid job homeboy! Respect you forever! Santa Cruz. Thank You!

  2. Enzo Rezaian says:

    Am I the only one asking why AARP has a YT channel let alone uploads this?

  3. Ben Brooks says:

    He didn't come here looking for free hand outs. He came and assimilated and was grateful for the opportunity. This is the American dream, not the trash they show ( or won't show ) on MSM garbage. Tha k you sir for your service!

  4. Teufelshund says:

    “Uncommon valor was a common virtue”
    Fleet Admiral Nimitz

    Until Valhalla Colonel 😞. Semper Fi

  5. Casa Motors says:

    And what is the final result men have died and a country left for dead well done disarm iraq from what exactly because there was nothing needed to be disarmed

  6. In the 60's an immigrant could serve 4 years and get citizenship at the end, no questions asked.

  7. Thank you for your service brother. At first I was wondering why the colonel was taking lead, but you acknowledged it shouldnt have been that way. Ive served with higher ranking officers who have insisted at times to be point or near the lead when they shouldn’t, because they want to be in the fight not commanding from the rear. I wouldn’t blame yourself brother, you did what you could.

  8. john steen says:

    "Soldiers!!! Don't give yourself to brutes…" Charlie Chaplin.

  9. Urkinorobitch says:

    Is Iraq free now Mr Bush? Can we star building starbucks now?

  10. DogSoldier777 says:

    We were all trying to be the one to be in the lead position. Most of us wanted to be the one saying “On Me”. It’s an Honorable Death doing the ultimate task.

  11. These are the men whom give their lives for our families to enjoy life back home. Thank you to everyone who has served, who is currently serving, or planning to serve.

  12. Skull Pan says:

    RIP Col Crow… Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. 🇺🇸

  13. Jaime Sanchez says:

    Thank you for your service but remember we're here before Europeans came to our land

  14. Dashing Deer Hunting Stories says:

    I'm still a kid, but I'm always thinking about the military. Should I join the Army, or the Navy?

  15. hcaz revaew says:

    We Jews are appreciative of you gentiles fighting our Zionist wars in ambition of a world without borders ruled over by our soon to come messiah. Though we cannot respect the gentiles which are lower than us; we, the chosen people of GOD, appreciate your servitude to us and your willingness to die in doing so.

  16. Teresa Moreno y'all look like robots!!! says:

    I'm proud too be American / Mexican !!! He's a hero !!! Thank you !!!!

  17. Kent Carper says:

    New Battle Plan: Seek after the Lord Jesus Christ, see where He leads you. Col. Crowe laid down his life for you (John 15:13) and Jesus laid down His life for all.

  18. Martin Phillips says:

    Why was col. Crow so far ahead? if you have an explanation I would greatly appreciate it.

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