Sniper's day in battle of Raqqa – Syria Combat Footage

Description of what’s happening in the video below.

Filmed on 22.06.2017

Battle of Tabqa compilation

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For days we couldnt establish a proper sniper position in Raqqa due to the fact that most of the buildings we were taking were 1/2 floors high and not giving proper city’s coverage. There were roofs but position there was too exposed to those goddamned ISIS drones carrying granades under them.

This is the first building making establishing a sniper’s nest possible. My choice for the day was a M93 “Black Arrow” high caliber rifle with APC and explosive round with it. As some people will notice the scope mounted on it doesnt have the shock resistant characteristics required for that rifle, but you gotta work with what you have.

I arrived at the destination around 5 30 AM and took a quick look around, then brought the gear to the fireing position I used the day before. Set the scope to the place the targets (VBIEDS) will most likely be coming from (beginning of the main road) distance shown on the rangefinder was 1255 meters and 1315 on the high apartment building where possible ISIS sniper positions would be.

Then for hours there would be nothing except the balcony door opening to the side on the 3rd floor. I fired an APC through the building’s wall. No idea if I got something, but the door never opened again…
Then I would fire at possible sniper positions, holes in walls made in buildings in front of me.

Then again, I would be going crazy from staring through the wall for 9h straight.

Then, around 4 30 PM, things would get interesting. Daesh started an assault on our position, providing covering fire for car bombs they were sending towards us.

As you can see in the video I encountered bolt and stock problem at the worst possible moment (Yes I should’vd had a round in a chamber and yes I should’ve fire without the stock). When I finally got it right, I couldnt get a clear shot, so I tried two different positions. But still no good. The car passed our building and I was waiting for the next one to come. Sometimes they come in pairs.

Then you can see me looking from the window at the explosion caused by the car that we let pass. 9 kurdish fighters died there…

ISIS kept attacking our building and my position was compromised as shown on the video, we were most likely hit by an RPG.

(Not on the video) Then they send another car that kurds managed to stop using RPGs and machine guns. After 5 min of the car being stuck on the tree in the middle of the main road, american artillery or airstrike finished the job by hiting it directly with dead on precission and causing the explosives to detonate.

After that it was already around 7 PM when Daesh attacked our position again. At that time I was out of bullets for the sniper rifle ( very hard to get by) so there was time to switch to AK.

You might notice that Im making a mistake of not putting my plate carrier or any other gear on, but after 12 hours of staring through the hole, you just dont think straight anymore or to be honest, care.

I couldnt see my enemy, 99% of the time we dont. So we kept shooting at the most likely positions they would be, and again these are the shooting holes made in homes in front of us. I used the same tactics in the battle of Tabqa you might critize this, but it really only thing you can do. If you stop covering the battlefield with fire, they immidietely send the suicide bombers towards you. And you dont.want.that.

Last footage is taken around 8 30 PM when Daesh fighters withdrawned to the high apartment building shown there.

Kurds called an artillery on them, which were pouding them for good 30 minutes.

Those buildings are not there anymore.

The video is a big cut due to opsec and fact that I cannot make some things public.

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