Six Years Before the Big Decline (1939 – Rare Footage of Munich and Berlin)

Music by Antoine Marsaud: Danger

Footage in original color and HD before restoring for the documentary Spirit of Liberation” (Kronos Media, 2016)
Watch here the new restored pictures in our film trailer:

43 thoughts on “Six Years Before the Big Decline (1939 – Rare Footage of Munich and Berlin)

  1. Paralyzer says:

    If I had a time machine I would go back to Berlin in 1938 start a flag making company and I would be a rich man

  2. Марк Пиво says:

    A shame, it was such a terrible ideology. Berlin looked fantastic back then. And you have to admit: The fashion was pretty stylish.

  3. Yuri Petrov says:

    Fascism is a crime against humanity and the USSR defeated it in 1945

  4. History is repeating itself through ignorance of the populace & well orchestrated machinations of the very 'people' that set the wheels in motion not only in 1914 but in the second war as well.

  5. It is crazy that a homeless, failed artist could reach this level of power in Germany. At one point he had consolidated so much power he was not only above the law, he was the law. It would be as if Trump could do whatever he wanted without not only having to go through Congress or even the Supreme Court.

    I guess the lesson is, if you want that much power, be a gifted orator during unstable times in a large, industrialized country.

  6. Anne Neville says:

    this was perhaps the last time Berlin was so clean :D:D

  7. Akasnacker says:

    Whoever edited this did a great job combining the music to each scene its really overwhelming too with the screaming in the background! The uniforms the music the triumphant gatherings of people gets you all caught up in the propaganda of the day, Hitler's true masterpiece of control of the masses!

  8. Angelika Unger says:

    You can see how the SA declines and the SS rises. Its intressting to see the death of the many seen SA leaders and then the sudden ammount of SS leaders and soldiers

  9. Hubert Matos says:

    In Latin America Hitler is adored,, Doctor Mengele was well protected while he was living in South America..

  10. americaneagle2076 says:

    I have seen much of this before in both color and black and white. It is fascinating as it shows that the Nazis knew how to make their New Society look Good to the World, but the Ugly Truth would soon be revealed.

  11. Achmad Arasy says:

    really good footage, i don't support nazi but their uniform was stunning

  12. William Simmons says:

    Anyone know who that woman in white is entering the art museum?

  13. rapier1954 Farrell says:

    Germany made the mistake of believing its own propaganda

  14. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Great historical footage and great background music however not together doesn't work the music lessons the historical importance of the video sounds like it needs to be with some other lighthearted video this video needs more subdued dramatic music anyway that's just my opinion like I said love them both just not together

  15. Martin Walden says:

    I wonder what percentage of the people pictured survived the war? Looks like making Nazi banners and flags consumed about 10% of the GDP.

  16. paul witveendaal says:

    evil men lead by Satan himself!
    they burn in the hottest hell !

  17. William Simmons says:

    I always wanted to know who the woman in white is when they are shown walking through the new art museum.

  18. The AUDIO with the tense music and then the screams is so effective. It offers a clear contrast to the filmed events, almost an accusation of the criminals in uniforms.


  19. Wonder how many of these knuckleheads died in the Stalingrad snow? Or in a Russian prison camp?

  20. Steve StGeorge says:

    Absolutely fabulous footage… and in colour too. Thank you.

  21. BoudewijnvanHouten says:

    The decline of Germany started at 30 January 1933

  22. They look human. They are not robots or monsters as the movies. İt is horrible! USA , england , france , russia , china etc. look humans too. But, they kill innocent people as nazis did. Their people think "Our goverments and soldiers are good and human."

  23. ahmedmujtaba007 says:

    Well you can't complain when your uniform is designed and made by Hugo Boss

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