Sinking a Battleship and Dodging Kamikaze Attack in WW2 | Leyte Gulf

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During the Battle of Leyte Gulf, a fleet of Japanese battleships attempted to run the 47-mile Surigao Strait in an effort to spoil the Allied landing at Leyte Gulf, but United States 7th Fleet Support force and the USS Melvin with Phil Hollywood onboard were standing in their way. This was the last ship-to-ship battle in the history of war, and the largest.
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29 thoughts on “Sinking a Battleship and Dodging Kamikaze Attack in WW2 | Leyte Gulf

  1. Red Edwards says:

    Now I understand my Parents "Secret" relationship with the NAVY…All started in New York…Wow.

  2. I wish I had known about this video while this brave patriot was alive. I would have liked to have spoken with him in more detail of this famous action because I feel a sort of connection with his story. You see, my late father who served in the Air Force during the Korean war, was good friends with another U.S.S. Melvin crewman from New Jersey. We all lived in the same town.
    My father told me his friend was the torpedoman who launched the fatal "fish" that sank the Fuso. This man passed away many years ago and I only vaguely remember meeting
    him when I was around 4 years old (1965), but never again had the opportunity to do so later. My father spoke very highly of his friend and that was proven to be true since I had a chance to know this man's son just before I got married in 1987. The son became a police officer. I got to meet him by chance because my wife and I both worked at the same place as his wife and they both came to our wedding. When my father saw his friend's son again it was a great reunion and I got to hear his father's part in that battle myself. I thought this anecdote would be of interest.

  3. Hot Sauce says:

    LOL, Americans go to duty because of patriotism and the Japanese were brainwashed via Bushido to Kamikaze. US public television were probably the most potent brainwash machine there is.

  4. General Wild says:

    Bro I'm From leyte Philippines

  5. Rankieng Ipuing says:

    The greatest generation in the history of man kind

  6. Ron Bishop says:

    We take for granted what we have now and rarely think about the sacrifices these men made. Thank you Sir!

  7. Mark Avalos says:

    I will always be thankful for the greatest men an women that kept us free. Pure guts and love for the USA

  8. Christian Carl Dahay says:

    my grandpa sereved as a pilot in ww2

  9. There are those today in the U.S who don't believe in learning about history and in fact, wish to erase it entirely. They are Sociopathic and Satanic demons who've never worked for anything.

  10. WWII was the last war we won 😕

  11. Scorpio Franco says:

    Thank you that you saved Philliphines because I live there and did you know my great grand mither is a soldier and her husband to her husband died in the war and my greatgrandmother survived

  12. Michael Castro says:

    Love hearing these veteran war stories.

  13. 0000bigwednesday says:


  14. Creative Independence says:

    I think his dad knew he would get in, just said that so the mom would not worry, at least long enough for him to sign.

  15. pisses me off all these neon, pink, green, purple haired idiots, out protesting the very freedoms they have without thinking about how and why they have them, they just expect it like it's nothing, they don't think about all the lives that it took so they can go act like they are some kind of crusaders for freedom in their arrogance and self entitled attitudes, but wouldn't put their life on the line to protect the freedoms they enjoy, they think it's about carrying a banner and voicing asinine 5th grader type chants, and then take a break to get a juice box and some twinkies or donuts because they felt they did their patriotic duty to walk a few blocks

  16. I see that Hollywood died in 2016. What a shame – I wish that he and all the Americans that served in WWII could live forever.

  17. Tan Thien Nguyen says:

    Suche Sie anderen Box Werbungen….? Bitte

  18. Tan Thien Nguyen says:

    Ich habe der Thermo Gerätem Montage…Für Not Operation beim jeder Atmungen….noch überigen am Jäger betroffendwn haben….

  19. Tan Thien Nguyen says:

    Wüsche ich es Euch am Leben für Kinder um der Erfahrungen als Militärisch Dienst & Not Operation um jeder Jungs helfen können….

  20. iLoveYa • 6 years ago says:

    I won't die from Bankers war.

  21. Quentin James says:

    When I watch these stories, all I can think of to say is, "Thank you, boys. Thank you."

  22. DrFrankensteam says:

    This man is a hero. Wish I could shake his hand and thank him personally.

  23. Muhammad Syafiq says:

    Mr.Phillip survived the battle of surigao not because of being lucky..but he and his ship were Blessed..heavens protected him.
    Blessed u and ur families Mr. Phillip.t.q for your service and sacrifices for your country and for the freedom of the world.

  24. ArchiesVlogMC says:

    love the story and the footage

  25. Kwento ni Cardo says:

    He must have participated in the Battle of Surigao Straight: the most successful destroyer operation .They had almost annihilated the southern force of Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura.

  26. dennis morrissey says:

    Yes … be PROUD !!!

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